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Cover Story: Best of Cincinnati 2007

Music to Our Ears

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 28, 2007
When you get around to your 11th annual Best of Cincinnati® issue, you start wondering how many new ideas remain. Have we already said everything there is to be said about life in Greater Cin  

Support the Rage

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 7, 2007
The news out of Iraq, as usual, is grim. The news lately about Iraq is just as awful. The scandal surrounding poor outpatient care given to injured soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is j  

Cover Story: Hail to the Presidents of Cincinnati

They deserve a slice of Presidents Day glory, too

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Monday is Presidents Day, when Americans celebrate two of our most accomplished leaders, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and by extension all those who have served the nation as chief execu  

Cover Story: Taking the Time

Channel 9 reporter/anchor wants to help fellow journalists

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Name/Organization: Jenell Walton, President of the Cincinnati Association of Black Journalists Years as President: Five months How did you get the position: "I said, 'I'll do it.' No one obj  

Moving the Transit Conversation

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Peeking inside The Enquirer's well-done special section Sunday on the Ohio River flood of 1937, I was drawn to the editorial, "Streetcars: Is the desire there?" It followed up on a recent front-pag  

A Winter Without Snow

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Here's something to ponder: What if we skipped winter one year and went straight from fall to spring? It sure feels like that's happening right now. Other than one small episode last month that sn  

In My 'Expert' Opinion...

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 20, 2006
I'm a big sports fan, and I always enjoy reading the "experts" who predict the winners and losers before a particular season begins. I doubt anyone who calls themselves a baseball expert picked the  

Schools Need Sporting Chance

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 6, 2006
The public debate over the correct future size of the Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) district wrapped up recently, and as usual it included little actual public debate. School board members voted   

Diverse Media Ownership Helps Our Democracy

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 29, 2006
The highly competitive midterm elections Nov. 7 set a new record in campaign spending, and large media companies are cashing in. The Center for Responsive Politics estimates that more than $2.8 bill  

CityBeat Goes Mainstream?

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Some pretty astounding things happened last week on Election Day, led by Democrats taking over control of the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, the Ohio governorship and the Hamilton Count