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by Jac Kern 02.28.2012
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Tom + Chee: The Reality Show?

The grilled cheese-n-tomato soup gods at Tom + Chee are no strangers to the spotlight. Since its inception in 2009 as a food tent on Fountain Square, the comfort food joint has gone on to expand to two permanent locations and has been featured on Man vs. Food Nation and Amazing Eats. They even boast a food challenge called The Baker's Dozen: a mad dash to consume a tray full of their famous grilled cheese donuts. So what's next for Tom + Chee? A reality show, apparently.

The restaurant has been teasing the idea via social media and today released a video previewing the show:

Sure, it's a little cheesy (but what else would you expect from a restaurant with the diary ingredient in its name?) and lacking in the production/sound department, but I'm admittedly an automatic fan of all things T+C.

It's a great message to share — small-time businesses really can become successful even in a crappy economy. And with fun characters like Andre, it certainly won't be a boring show. Speaking of, did we just discover Golden Voice 2.0? Entertainment Tonight, are you watching?

Keep your eyes peeled for more Tom + Chee updates, and keep your belly filled with their delicious creations.

by Jennifer Saltsman 01.19.2012
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Pig Out on Veggie Pigs-in-a-Blanket

Here's the dish on hogs: they rank among the smartest in the animal kingdom and despite the phrase "pigging out," they actually savor their food. On March 1, National Pig Day, Americans across the Midwest don snouts, dress in pink and "eat like pigs" to celebrate their intelligence and contributions to mankind.

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by Bill Hatfield 12.30.2010
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Oprah Taps Local Chef for Show

Katrina Mincy, also known as Aunt Flora, the chef and owner of Aunt Flora’s House of Soul, has been selected by Oprah Winfrey as one of 10 finalists for a new reality show, Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for America’s Next TV Star, which is set to debut next week on the new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

Aunt Flora beat more than 9,500 other entrants who submitted online audition tapes, as well as thousands more who applied at open auditions across the nation, to be selected as one of the finalists. Oprah introduced the finalists today on her syndicated daytime talk show, seen locally on WCPO-TV (Channel 9).

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by MSchiaparelli 05.03.2010
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Mr. Creosote Judges the Best of Taste

Have you ever felt like Monty Python’s Mr. Creosote, the bloated epicurean who explodes in a gory mess when he surrenders to the inducements of an evil maitre d’ offering him a “wafer-thin mint” after a laughably enormous feast? Well, that’s how I feel right now. Don’t move me; I might burst. Why? Well, let me explain…. 

I was excited last week when Anne Mitchell, CityBeat’s eminent dining editor, asked me if I was available to help judge the Best of Taste food competition this morning at the giant Sysco facility in Glendale. As a judge, you get to sample food items that will be featured at the Taste of Cincinnati, the Queen City’s signature spring food fest (Memorial Day weekend, May 29-31). This year, there were over 100 dishes entered in competition by nearly 40 vendors.

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by MSchiaparelli 04.29.2010
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Morton's Dogfish Head Hoppy Hour

When Sam Calagione opened Dogfish Head in 1995, it was the smallest commercial brewery in America, making just 10 gallons of beer at a time. Today, Dogfish Head is among the fastest growing breweries in the country and known for their strong, exotic beers.

On Friday, May 7, at 6 p.m., Morton’s (441 Vine Street in Carew Tower) will offer Queen City beer lovers a unique tasting experience featuring four different and uniquely crafted Dogfish Head brews, each paired with a selection of cheeses and accompanied by petite filet mignon sandwiches, tuna tartare canapés, smoked salmon wedges and lamb chops with brie.

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by MSchiaparelli 01.25.2010
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Sherry: The Drink of the Moment

Sherry (the topic of this week’s Fermentations column) is probably the most overlooked major wine category in the U.S. today. Part of the reason, I think, is that Americans generally seem to prefer fruit-driven, plush, simple wines that tend toward the sweet end of the spectrum. Lighter-styled, more-complex dry Sherries that pair well with food can therefore be quite a shock to the palate for many consumers.

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by 01.04.2010
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Suzie Wong's Is Delivering

Chef Alex Chin’s new eatery in Walnut Hills is now offering delivery service to nearby neighborhoods. Suzie Wong’s on Madison will deliver food to Walnut Hills, East Walnut Hills, Eden Park and Hyde Park. Diners should call the restaurant at 513-751-3333 or register for delivery on the restaurant’s Web site to see if they're in the delivery area. There is a minimum $20 food order for delivery.

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