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by Jason Gargano 10.27.2008
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Palin as President?

Having trouble imaging what a Sarah Palin presidency might mean for our country? (Well, besides inducing millions of people to shit their pants.)

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by 11.05.2008
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Election Night Observation

Hanging out at the Board of Elections with the campaign volunteers, TV anchors who have nothing new to say for hours on end because results are slow to come in (again!) and the infrequent candidate who drifts in between parties is just plain boring.

There’s nothing to write about because the time between when the polls open and a majority of votes are tabulated is an information dead-zone. There’s no witty banter or interesting and revealing insights that desperately need ink. It’s just a waiting period.

Last night I found the ultimate way to deal with that time with a group of people, munchies and a DJ – just hang out and have a good time. No serious conversation or heated arguments, just one woman roller skating around the room, another dancing with her daughter, a woman moving her electric wheelchair to the beat, men strutting in-between and everyone flashing their t-shirts for photos.

Photographers do and reveal the most during the dead-zone on Election Day. They capture moments in images that, collectively, explain and underscore the importance of casting a ballot.

So thanks for all of the great images and enjoy a well-earned rest. Until next year….

by 10.30.2008
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Obama's Closing Argument

Anyone who watched Barack Obama's 30-minute TV advertorial last night want to comment on it? Seems like it got pretty big ratings. Seems like Obama was everywhere. Seems like he came across as a virtuoso.