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The Morning After
by Maija Zummo 01.20.2009
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Inauguration Parties

So our bars may not be open until 5 a.m. (Washington D.C. is officially the party capital of the United States tonight), but there are still some sweet parties/drinking events going on around our fine city.

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by Maija Zummo 12.23.2008
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You, You're Awesome/Creepy Santas


Click the image above to check out Scott Beseler's photos from the You, You're Awesome show at the Tavern and the Creepy Santas at The Comet on 12/18.

by Maija Zummo 12.11.2008
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Fashion Forward


Cincinnati's getting pretty fashiony these days with the quarter ending at DAAP and all. Stop by Suki in Hyde Park from 6-9 p.m. tonight to check out "Made in Cincinnati," a sort of meet-and-greet viewing of the best work by fashion students as judged by FDSA officers. There's going to be snacks from Take the Cake. And click on the image above to see the rest of Scott Beseler's photos from Friday night's (12/5/08) NVision Fashion Show.

by Maija Zummo 12.09.2008
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Dance, MF 12/6/08: December to Dismember

It was hot. It was sweaty (really, really sweaty). It was dance-y. If you didn't go, you were probably the only person who wasn't there because that bar was packed from the front door all the way to the back. I guess nothing makes people want to get drunk and warm like a quarter of an inch of snow on the ground.

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by Maija Zummo 11.17.2008
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The Comet's Anniversary

I was there so it must have been cool. Pictures of Me or the Moon by the talented Paul Coors.










by Maija Zummo 10.29.2008
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After Party...

While I didn't go to the actual Scribble Jam events at Annies, I did visit the pre and post parties. The pre-party was full of guys and guys with bad pick up lines. One of them was, "Can I see your hand?" Now I don't really know what the end result or "punchline" of this is, but ladies, I would suggest not giving your hand over to anyone who says this. They're either going to put your hand somewhere you don't want it to be or say something really cheesy. The post-party was full of sneakers. I don't know what the cool word for "sneakers" is, but there were tables set up with Nikes.
















by Maija Zummo 10.07.2008
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Dance_MF 10/4/08...


Photos by Me, Pete Ohs and Stuart MacKenzie.  

by Maija Zummo 10.01.2008
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Northslice of Heaven...

If free ping pong and cheap drinks weren't enough ... now comes Northslice.

Every week Cincinnati's youth elite descends upon the great faux-dive known as the Gypsy Hut. If you're a regular, chances are you've gotten to know the bartenders there and chances are you know who pours the strong drinks: all of them. It's our favorite hot spot.

Bored on a Monday? Hit up the ping pong table. Looking for somewhere to run into all the people you pretend you don't like to see but in reality completely look forward to talking to? Head down on a Friday or Saturday. Want to have a killer pizza party with all of the above? GYPSY HUT!--

Humbly run by a man going only by Mike, the Hut has installed a pizza window. Bearing the witty name Northslice, you can buy pizza by the slice: $2.75 for cheese and $3 with a topping.

Mike bakes the pies while you get your drink on and the slices go fast, which means you're sure to get a piping hot piece. The sauce is a handmade, slightly sweet affair and while the cheese and crust are store-bought. You can taste the care put into every inch of the stuff. And all the necessary accoutrement for any pizza connoisseur such as crushed red pepper and grated Parmesan are there for free.

I recommend you ask Mike to paint on some garlic oil for you and make sure you grab some extra napkins.

Burned your mouth on some nuclear hot cheese? No worries: Cool it down with a specialty shot care of Kenny at the bar. Or perhaps a dessert shot ... I suggest an oatmeal raisin.

The Gypsy Hut, a place for friends.

— Review by Ian Wissman