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by 11.26.2008
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CEA Controversy No. 2: "Mr. Cranley, Tear Down That Building!"

There appears to have been a second small controversy over remarks delivered at the podium at Sunday night's Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. At least this time it didn't involve anyone's penis.

Before Mr. Rhythm Man, who spins stacks o' shellacks every Saturday night on WNKU (89.7 FM), presented the award for R&B/Funk, he offered his thoughts on the past and future of King Records, which was a major topic throughout the evening's event. Earlier in the day a historical marker had been unveiled at the former King studio and offices in Evanston, followed by a reception to celebrate a proposed new King studio and community center being developed by Xavier University, Ultrasuede owner John Curley and others.

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by mbreen 11.24.2008
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Cincinnati Entertainment Awards 2008: The Winners

The afterparty is still going on as I write this, but, while we assess what happened last night at the 12th annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards event at the Emery Theatre — the first sold-out show and quite possibly the best show in CEA history — here's who won what last night.

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by mbreen 11.21.2008
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CEAs Sold Out But Ralph-Only Tickets To Be Made Available

If you haven’t scored your tickets for the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards music ceremony this Sunday, you’re out of luck. For the first time in the show’s 12-year history, the event has sold out. Thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket. All of your admission money is given to the Michael Bany Scholarship Fund.

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by mbreen 11.14.2008
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Rip Off, Artists

I hate when hard working people get ripped off. These kind of injustices can range from phishing scams to pickpockets, insurance companies' denying claims by any means necessary to bank CEO’s using bailout cash for beer money. It’s heart breaking to hear the stories of identity theft leaving people broke and in perpetual debt, or stock- and 401K-holders losing their future to corporate malfeasance.

Not that it is by any means “worse,” but I get a special bug up my ass (I’ve named him “Tony”) when I hear about artists and musicians getting ripped off. Having written about music for 18 years and played music for over 20, I’ve seen all kinds of scams designed to make cash off of the creative endeavors of others. From “battle of the bands” contests with exorbitant, unnecessary “entry” fees to club owners deciding at the end of the night that a band’s performance fee suddenly didn’t fit his budget to record labels putting no money into a project only to blame the band for not selling more albums (and coming at them to “recoup” costs), not paying or actually taking money from artists is its own little cottage industry within the music industry.

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by mbreen 11.13.2008
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Cincinnati Entertainment Awards on WOXY.com

Our pal Joe Long, a DJ on locally-based, globally renowned Indie station woxy.com (and operator of the great music blog, Each Note Secure), did a special edition of the station's "Local Lixx" show recently. The episode featured a ton of local bands that are nominated for Cincinnati Entertainment Awards this year. What was especially cool about the show was that it included several live songs from the artsts, recorded for the station's popular in-studio sessions, "Lounge Acts."

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by 11.11.2008
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Get Yer CEA Tickets

And now for a few public service announcements: 

If you're a nominee for the 2008 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards and you haven't claimed your tickets yet for the Nov. 23 shindig, you're just about out of time. Please contact Stacy immediately at cea@citybeat.com  or 513-665-4700 ext. 100. Nominees are entitled to half-price tickets ($10 and no handling fee), but since we're expecting the event to sell out we need to know now if you're planning to join us at the Emery Theater.

If you're not a CEA nominee and want to support local music and celebrate Cincinnati's own King Records, check out the CEA micro site for details on performers, tickets ($20) and the King connections.

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by mbreen 11.07.2008
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Cincinnati Entertainment Awards Ceremony Update

The lineup of performers for this year's Cincinnati Entertainment Awards music program has been confirmed. Opening the show will be Bootsy Collins, who is heading up a band of King vets (including his brother, Catfish) to pay tribute to the late, great James Brown (it will be so cool to see Bootsy actually playing bass on stage!). JB was the biggest artist to record for King Records, which is a special part of the ceremony this year. In honor of the pioneering record label's 65th anniversary, the day of the show — Nov. 23 (at The Emery Theater) — will see the erection (he he) of a plaque marking the original King facilities in Evanston.

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by mbreen 10.28.2008
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Local MTV: The Tillers

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got to check out the muched-buzzed about band The Tillers, nominated for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award in the Folk/Americana category. Playing in the Southgate House's "lounge" room, the trio (playing stand-up bass, guitar, banjo and more) huddled around a single, vintage-looking, multi-directional mic and delivered their sweet, accomplished spin on traditional Folk, Country, Gospel and Blues.

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by mbreen 10.23.2008
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BRINK 2008: New Local Music Showcase

Each year, the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards celebrates the local music that has been made over the course of the previous 12 months. And each year just prior to the awards, the BRINK showcase puts the spotlight on the "next wave," new artists who look like they'll make a big impact on the next 12 months. This year's BRINK party goes down Nov. 15 at the Southgate House.

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by mbreen 10.21.2008
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A Couple of Burning CEA Quesions Answered

I've been receiving a lot of questions about the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards so I thought I'd take a minute to clear a few things up. 

The big question: Can people vote more than once? While the voting program online allows you to vote as much as you want, your first vote is the only one that will be counted. So, no, you can vote just once. (I'm imagining some musician who has spent the past week night and day stuffing the ballot box, reading this and throwing his or her computer across the room.)

The other question has a less direct answer: Why wasn't I nominated? Every year there are many deserved artists who get passed over by the CEAs. It's not meant to be an insult. There are just only so many slots available.

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