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by 01.21.2009
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Did You Attend the Inauguration?

If you made in to D.C. for the inauguration, let everyone know how it was. Drop some comments below about your experiences.

If you have photos you'd like to share, send them to our web guru, Cameron Knight: cknight@citybeat.com. He can organize them into a gallery on our photo page or even a multimedia show and we can create a new photo link on our inauguration section, Road to the Presidency. Cameron has a slide show there from last night's celebrations in Northside.

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by 10.30.2008
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Apparently Size Does Matter

Politics is often a game of strategy, and an area anti-tax group is well-known for taking the offensive on most issues it advocates. A recent dispute over a referendum on a payday loan law, however, has the group facing stinging criticism for getting its facts wrong and overstating its own influence.

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by 10.08.2008
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Debate About Nothing

Did you watch much of the presidential debate last night? I watched the first 15-20 minutes, fast-forwarded through the rest and saw the closing remarks. John McCain didn't press enough on his issues, and Barack Obama is basically playing defense and trying not to mess up.

As I say in my editorial in today's CityBeat, the race is over. Obama is going to be our next president, yet we have to endure another month of this crummy campaign. McCain isn't pressing Obama on the critical issues, instead focusing his campaign on personal attacks, and Obama is just fending him off until the clock runs out Nov. 4.

I don't feel particularly reassured today. What about you?

by Steven Rosen 11.06.2008
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By the Numbers: A Look at McCain's Loss

Looking at just how devastating the Republican defeat was in Tuesday's presidential election, it's interesting to see how low Sen. John McCain's percentage of victory was in several reliably red western and southwestern states.

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by 11.03.2008
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At Last, the Finish Line

Even the most die-hard political junkies are probably tired of the presidential campaign by this point, nearly two years after most of the contenders kicked off the race for the White House.

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by 10.27.2008
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Voting in English

When English speakers have a hard time figuring out when “yes” means “no” on a ballot initiative, imagine how confusing it can be for people who have English as a second or third language.  

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) voters need help at the polls. The good news is that an interpreter is allowed to translate the language on the ballot. The bad news is that there aren’t always enough interpreters on site.

In a recent call for bilingual attorneys, law students and interpreters in any language, the Obama campaign is making it easy to volunteer.

Offering a Web sign up form the campaign is also offering a number of contacts with the Democratic National Committtee (DNC) if you want to get more information:

Please indicate state and language. Interpreters sign up at: election.interpreter@gmail.com. Please indicate state and language.

It’s getting close to election time, but if you can help for a few hours, it means that many more voters will get to participate in this election.

by Steven Rosen 10.30.2008
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Scary Trip to the Barber

I had a weird and frightening encounter at my local barber shop today. Frightening because it opens my eyes to the depths of fear and hatred exhibited by some people who oppose Barack Obama.

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by 10.15.2008
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Stop the Presses! CityBeat Backs Obama!

It what might be the least surprising election endorsement since The Enquirer backed every area Republican Congressional incumbent last Sunday, CityBeat today officially endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president. Despite lacking any suspense, believe me when I say the decision to recommend Obama was undertaken seriously and is offered enthusiastically.

I'm honored to be have written the endorsement editorial on behalf of the paper, just as I will be proud and honored to cast my vote for Obama on Nov. 4 (if not before).

by Jason Gargano 10.27.2008
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Palin as President?

Having trouble imaging what a Sarah Palin presidency might mean for our country? (Well, besides inducing millions of people to shit their pants.)

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by 10.09.2008
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More Details on Today's Obama Rally

Barack Obama will speak at the Pavilion in Ault Park at 3 p.m. today. Gates to the lawn west of the Pavilion will open at 1:00. No umbrellas or folding chairs will be permitted. They'd prefer you don't bring bags so the search at the gates will go smoother. Don't know about signs or blankets.

Limited on-street parking is available in and around Ault Park, though the residential streets there are winding and narrow. Off-site parking has been arranged at Lunken Airport behind the terminal building with shuttle buses running continuously beginning at noon and ending at 5 p.m.

See the Hamilton County Democratic Party's web site for more info and maps of both Ault Park and Lunken Airport.

Look for photos from the event to be posted at citybeat.com later today or tomorrow morning.