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by Steven Rosen 10.30.2008
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Scary Trip to the Barber

I had a weird and frightening encounter at my local barber shop today. Frightening because it opens my eyes to the depths of fear and hatred exhibited by some people who oppose Barack Obama.

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by 10.29.2008
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City Council, Others Sound Off About Issue 8

This week’s issue of CityBeat features an article examining Issue 8, which proposes reviving the electoral system known as proportional representation (PR) for choosing members of Cincinnati City Council.

As is typical with most articles, time and space limitations prevented some material from being included in the print edition. Among such material this time includes City Councilman Jeff Berding, a leading PR opponent, elaborating on his reasons against the proposed switch; and City Councilman Chris Bortz, explaining why he opposes Issue 8 even though his political party — the Charter Committee — supports the change.

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by 10.27.2008
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Voting in English

When English speakers have a hard time figuring out when “yes” means “no” on a ballot initiative, imagine how confusing it can be for people who have English as a second or third language.  

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) voters need help at the polls. The good news is that an interpreter is allowed to translate the language on the ballot. The bad news is that there aren’t always enough interpreters on site.

In a recent call for bilingual attorneys, law students and interpreters in any language, the Obama campaign is making it easy to volunteer.

Offering a Web sign up form the campaign is also offering a number of contacts with the Democratic National Committtee (DNC) if you want to get more information:

Please indicate state and language. Interpreters sign up at: election.interpreter@gmail.com. Please indicate state and language.

It’s getting close to election time, but if you can help for a few hours, it means that many more voters will get to participate in this election.

by Jason Gargano 10.27.2008
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Palin as President?

Having trouble imaging what a Sarah Palin presidency might mean for our country? (Well, besides inducing millions of people to shit their pants.)

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by 10.24.2008
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Special Prosecutor: 'No' to Ballot Quarantine

Breaking with the wishes of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, a special prosecutor appointed to investigate allegations of voter registration fraud said today there’s no need to quarantine the votes in question.

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by 10.24.2008
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And the Winner Is....

Why are you voting for Barack Obama?

Because he isn't Republican? His perspective? His experience?

by 10.23.2008

Nader Campaign Pushes Reform

Some campaign workers for independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader are conceding their choice for the Oval Office probably doesn’t have a realistic chance at being elected. But they say Nader’s platform of issues is what’s truly important and are urging progressive voters to pressure the winners in this November’s elections into pursuing his agenda.

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by 10.23.2008
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ACLU, Others Blast Voting Probe

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and several voting rights groups are asking that a special prosecutor drop his investigation into vague, unspecified allegations of voter registration fraud. If the probe isn’t ended, the groups hint that they may file a lawsuit against the Prosecutor’s Office.

This week’s issue of CityBeat features a Porkopolis column detailing the investigation, which was launched by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. Deters also is Sen. John McCain’s Southwest Ohio campaign chairman, and many people have viewed Deters’ action as a partisan tactic designed to suppress the surge in new voters on the Democratic side.

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by 10.22.2008
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Gettin' Purdy for Voters, You Betcha

What would Joe the Plumber think?

As some Republicans continually try to peg Democrats as latte-drinking, sushi-eating “elitists” who are out of touch with ordinary Americans, here comes yet another example of their hypocrisy.

The Web is ablaze today with news that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has spent more than $150,000 on clothes and accessories for vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her family since August.

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by 10.21.2008
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Newspaper Endorsements

Editor & Publisher has been running updates on daily newspaper endorsements in the presidential race here. The journalism industry magazine has the tally, as of today, at 121 endorsements for Barack Obama and 42 for John McCain and notes that in 2004 the spread was much closer, with John Kerry edging out President Bush 213-205.

E&P isn't counting weekly newspapers like CityBeat, which endorsed Obama last week.

It looks like every major daily paper in Ohio has published an endorsement except The Cincinnati Enquirer. Wonder what they're waiting for?

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