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The Morning After
by Charlie Gibson 05.26.2009
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Greenest Man Alive

I really want everyone to know that I’m going green, but it’s hard to do! I don’t really invite people over to my house so they can’t see my garden, compost flies or my gray water system. I don’t have a Toyota Prius. I don’t even have a car. So no one sees that I don’t have a car, and if they do see me out walking, they probably think the car is at my house. With the addition of our solar panels and gutter water wheels we are now completely off the grid, so no one can look up how little I’m spending on electric. I ride my bikes around the city but since I switch from my 10-speed to my single speed to my fixie all the time, no one realizes it’s the same guy riding all those bikes. I’m doing all these green things but no one knows how green I am. I thought all my efforts were going to waste, but I found a way to let people know that I’m the greenest dude in town!

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by Charlie Gibson 05.05.2009
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Party In The Park

Wednesday I decided to go down to Sawyer Point for the Party in the Park. All my friends are starting to be douchebags, so I thought to myself, "Charlie, why not go network and make friends, like Facebook, irl (in real life)?" Since it was a nice night, I thought I would take the new hybrid buses downtown. I also brought along my guitar to practice my scales and just play look cool. My first attempt at making friends included me playing some John Mayer songs on my guitar.

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by Charlie Gibson 03.05.2009
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The B@%*$ Project

The Cincinnati Banks Project is getting a new name! Since 1996 the plot of dirt between the two stadiums has been scheduled for a major facelift. Like most ideas that will bring Cincinnati into the future where a community is based around the city center instead of a Walmart, this one will probably fail.

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by Charlie Gibson 03.30.2009
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Can’t Afford a Kid? Well, Do We Have a Deal for You!

Now that you’re getting older and have given up on your own life goals, it is time to produce an offspring to live vicariously through. Teach them all the things you wanted to learn when you were a child that your parents never taught you. Instill values in them so when they do grow up they will not give up on their dreams like you have.

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by Charlie Gibson 02.19.2009
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Charlie's Corner: Best Job in the World

As my employment search continues for any job I can get my hands on, I sometimes say to myself, "Why settle for those average everyday jobs of folding clothes, answering calls or giving hand jobs?"

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by Charlie Gibson 08.03.2009
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Charlie's Corner: There's a New Cream in Town

This weekend was a good weekend for walking around the city. The summer weather was finally gracing us with its presence and the rain was holding off for the day. Following a long night of taking in the arts at Final Friday, I awoke with a slight headache that could only be cured with greasy food and a tall glass of lemonade.

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by Charlie Gibson 06.23.2009
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There Goes the Neighborhood...Library

There goes the neighborhood…library. So Governor Ted “Bear” Strickland wants to cut 50 percent of the funds for the Cincinnati and Hamilton Public Libraries so he doesn’t have to be a meanie and raise taxes.

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by Charlie Gibson 04.23.2009
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Tex the Vortex

Attn: The Vortex Kings Island
6300 Kings Island Drive
P.O. Box 901
Kings Island, OH

Dear Vortex,

I really want you to know that you have my support. I know things are getting tough now a days with the new additions to the park. Two fancy ass rollercoasters have been intruding on your fame and stealing your thrill warriors. What does the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company think they are doing?

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by Charlie Gibson 10.01.2009
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Charlie's Corner

Collectively we are getting dumber as a nation. We are relying too heavily on computers to do all the work for us. We don’t have to remember anything because we can use our space phones to look up any information about anything in a matter of seconds. Since there is literally an app for everything, we no longer have to use our short-term memory to, well, remember anything.

I just recently upgraded my Microsoft Word from the 2002 edition to 2008. One of the major changes that occurred was the positioning of “spell check.” It went from being about of the way down on the "Tools" drop down menu to the #1 spot. I’m not one to hate on the spell check cause I am one of the worst spellers in the world, you should see all the red lines. I love spell check, but much like the calculators on our phones, it is taking away from simple knowledge that our brains should use everyday.

When I fill out applications for jobs, on-site, I have to use smaller words like, “fast” because I just don’t know how to spell “efficiently” correctly. I am literally embarrassed to use my tip calculator when I go out to dinner because I can’t really figure out 20 percent, 9 percent if I’m at Tuckers. I can ballpark it, but what if I’m not spot on? Then I look like a dick.

In this day and age, we should rise above the computers and use our real brains to outsmart their fake, emotionless harddrives. If we don’t start now, how do you think the perceived computer takeover is going to go? The robots will slowly out-tip us, out-spell us, out-Jeopardy us, and soon out-think us.

by Charlie Gibson 02.02.2009
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Charlie's Corner: One Last Snowbration

The snow has come and then the ice and then the snow again. It was a beautiful winter sandwich that made for an entertaining ice chunk breaking contest.

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