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by Staff 04.26.2010
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Clark Montessori Races to the Top

By now you've probably heard about the Race to the Top Commencement Challenge, in which schools around the country are competing to have President Obama attend and speak at their graduation ceremony. Clark Montessori has been chosen among the six finalist schools, and now the public is voting to help select the winning school; voting started today and goes through midnight Thursday.

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by Staff 04.15.2010
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Happy Tax Day! Now Pay Up!

If you're angry about how much you owe today in federal and/or state taxes or bewildered at how difficult it is to properly fill out the 1040 and want to blame someone for something, check out Kevin Osborne's current Porkopolis column about the relative pittance that corporate America pays in taxes. Our favorite line, addressed mostly to the anti-government Tea Partiers: The excesses of Big Business have far more of a direct, harmful impact on the average person than the excesses of Big Government.

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by Staff 04.01.2010
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Fountain Square Hosts Chili Wrestling Symposium

UFC? Boring. If we wanted to see two dudes beat the crap out of each other, we’ll take our news editor to a Tea Party rally and slap a big “I Heart Karl Marx” sticker on his back. (Again.)

WWE? We have sales staff meetings with more drama and fake blood.

Jello wrestling? OK, you’re getting closer. But some local wrastling enthusiasts are taking their love for watching people beat the holy hell out of each other and upping the ante … with a fun local twist!

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by Staff 03.13.2010
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Today's Fountain Square Activities Are a Go

Despite today's rain, all the scheduled activities for O'Nati's Irish Pub on Fountain Square are going as planned. The St. Patrick's Day Parade this morning was wet, but reports are that attendance was pretty good.

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by Staff 02.21.2010
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Best of Cincinnati Voting Ends Tonight

They say that all good things must end, and tonight a fun annual tradition comes to an end at midnight. That's when the 2010 Best of Cincinnati� readers poll closes.

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by 01.18.2010
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Vote Now for the Best of Cincinnati

The 2010 Best of Cincinnati issue is upon us, and once again you’re being called on to decide the winners of the readers poll. It’s your sacred duty to help bestow the honor of “Best of Cincinnati” on deserving people, places, businesses and organizations.

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by Staff 01.14.2010
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BEST OF CINCINNATI: Accept No Substitute

Recently Metromix’s local operation announced nominations for a "Best of Cincinnati" contest. D'oh! As everyone knows, there is only one BEST OF CINCINNATI�: the wildly popular promotion run by CityBeat for the past 13 years. While we're humored by their rip-off, we've alerted Metromix to their infringement on our BEST OF CINCINNATI federal trademark and as a result they've altered their Web site and promotional materials.

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by 12.24.2009
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Thanks for Shopping Local

CityBeat's "shop local” holiday season promotion has wrapped up, and we thank the hundreds of Cincinnatians who took the pledge to support Greater Cincinnati’s economy by supporting locally owned independent businesses. Everyone who pledged to spend at least $100 of their holiday gift purchases to "shop local" were entered into a drawing for a prize package from participating businesses, and the winners have been chosen.

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by 11.25.2009
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Pledge to Shop Local: Feel Good, Win Prizes

CityBeat is urging Cincinnatians to “shop local” this holiday season and support Greater Cincinnati’s economy by supporting locally owned independent businesses. Everyone who pledges to spend at least $100 of their holiday gift purchases to “shop local” will be entered into a drawing for a prize package from participating businesses.

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by 09.26.2009
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StreetScapes, Taste of Tarbell Backup Plans

If you're heading out for the StreetScapes street painting festival in Clifton, be advised they've moved it indoors to the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (Clifton Avenue and McAlpin across from Fairview-Clifton German Language School). Rain plus chalk plus asphalt don't mix, so unfortunately we won't get to enjoy seeing masterpiece artworks being reproduced on Telford Avenue this year — but the show will go on. 

StreetScapes is 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. Details here.

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