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The Morning After
by Jac Kern 07.29.2009
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D.I.Y. Samurai: Attacking the Monster in the Closet

Being organized is supplemental to working on any kind of hands-on project. Unfortunately, many creative, craftastic individuals lack that innate sense of tidiness and organization. I’m certainly guilty of this; check out what my craft closet used to look like.

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by Jac Kern 07.23.2009
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D.I.Y. Samurai: The Knot

Marriage is not in my foreseeable future and I would much rather crash a reception than plan a wedding, but it’s summer and I must acknowledge wedding season. Until recently, I worked at a private club which hosted events like wedding receptions. This was a classy joint, so I worked at some gorgeous loose-budget parties, to say the least. A few things that really bugged me about these receptions were the ridiculous price tags on some of the smaller aspects of the events and the amount of crap I’d have to throw away once the guests departed. So, while I am no professional, I’ve picked out some D.I.Y. alternatives with the help of my high-end wedding observations, my library of craft books and some hot conscientious wedding Web sites. There’s a ton of them out there and any bride- or groom-to-be should check ‘em out if they’re trying to save – or go – green at their wedding.

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by Jac Kern 07.15.2009
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Recycled Jewelry: Hot or Not?

Last spring when I was in school full time, working two jobs, I envisioned a craftalicious summer ahead of me. Well, school’s been out for a month, one of my jobs went out of business and I still do not have anything handmade to show for myself. Major fail. So this week I’ve punctuated my job searching with crafting plans and I got totally inspired by this book, which I received for Christmas:

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by Jac Kern 07.08.2009
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Lovin’ Spoonflower

Yesterday I was driving along listening to “The Story” on National Public Radio, a program hosted by Dick Gordon. Gordon interviews “everyday people” who have experienced something interesting to share. Yesterday, Gordon talked with Stephen Faser, an Internet marketing pro-turned-fabric printer from North Carolina. Faser and his wife started creating their own fabrics to make textile items for their family, which soon blossomed into their custom printing company, Spoonflower.

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