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by mbreen 02.13.2009
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Stimulus Funding for the Arts?

Are the arts a worthwhile investment for our government? Should the creation of jobs in the arts be just as important as construction and Wall Street jobs?

Chris Jones, theater critic of the Chicago Tribune, recently wrote an impassioned essay arguing that the arts should be included in the current stimulus package being debated to death in D.C.

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by 02.02.2009
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Get Your Pride On

The 2009 Pride Parade - for the uninitiated this is Cincinnati’s gay pride parade – is up to its annual shenanigans and the planning has commenced.

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by 01.29.2009
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That's One Expensive Elevator

The new elevator for the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC) and it’s only going to cost $1.5 million. OK, not really – the entire first phase of renovations to the old Clifton School that are needed to make the facility handicap accessible – which includes an elevator – also include a fire protection system and a secured lobby entrance.

Those busy arts volunteers and staff have been hard at work coming up with the cash needed. A $250,000 grant from the City of Cincinnati and $250,000 from the State of Ohio combine with a “$1 million leadership gift” round out the total.

“These remarkable investments - from an anonymous donor and from the City's 2009 Capital Budget - combine with to allow us to move forward with renovations,” says a press release from the CCAC.

The renovations will make it possible to use the auditorium, music rooms and other classrooms on the third floor of the building.

"We are deeply grateful to this anonymous donor, the City of Cincinnati and the State of Ohio for investing in the preservation of the Clifton School as an asset that will serve the entire community through arts and cultural programming," says Cindy Herrick, Board President of CCAC.

"Particularly in this challenging economic climate, the leadership and commitment of these funders are truly incredible, and will provide invaluable momentum to move this ambitious project forward."

The goal is to begin construction in fall 2009 with a completion target of June 2010. Sadly, the money is for renovations only. Operating expenses for the facility that was built in 1909 and covers things like heat, lights and water still depends on donors like you – so give early and give often.

Better yet, take a class!