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by Jac Kern 02.10.2012
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Walking in a Winter Wond-beer-land

Tips for a Successful Beerfest

There are plenty of beer festivals year-round in Cincinnati, but Cincy Winter Beerfest is the queen mother of them all. Duke Energy Convention Center downtown transforms into a beer haven this weekend, offering more than 300 craft brews.

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by Jennifer Saltsman 01.30.2012
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New Year's Resolution: Meatless Mondays

Who says New Year’s resolutions have to be followed 365 days a year?

Meatless Monday, a public awareness campaign that advocates a “semi-vegetarian” lifestyle, asks its pledgees to give up meat one day a week. With the support of schools, hospitals and restaurants across the globe since 2003, they aim to improve the public’s health by cutting down meat consumption 15 percent.

Going veg once a week can reduce risks of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity — not to mention it is good for the environment.

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by Jennifer Saltsman 01.19.2012
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Pig Out on Veggie Pigs-in-a-Blanket

Here's the dish on hogs: they rank among the smartest in the animal kingdom and despite the phrase "pigging out," they actually savor their food. On March 1, National Pig Day, Americans across the Midwest don snouts, dress in pink and "eat like pigs" to celebrate their intelligence and contributions to mankind.

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by Anne Mitchell 01.18.2012
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Beer Dinner at Nectar

Chef Julie Francis at Nectar Restaurant has been offering Dinner Clubs for years. It’s her creative way of building customer loyalty and breaking out of the menu rut every now and then with something completely different. The dinner club menu is generally based on a seasonal ingredient: beets, garlic, honey, pork. Always local, always top quality. Next Thursday, Jan. 26, the menu’s based on one of my favorite foods: beer.

Gregg Wilson from Premium Beverage Supply worked with Chef Francis to develop a menu using beer or beer ingredients in every dish.

  • Ale Steamed mussels with pancetta, kumquats, cream, fresh hops and herb salad
  • Pork Terrine with caraway malted mustard, beer pickled vegetables, and smoked crostini
  • Welsh rarebit with roasted tomato, beer braised mushrooms, fried quail egg, crispy leeks
  • Stout Braised beef short rib with beer braised greens, and mashed rutabagas
  • Chocolate malt pancake with dried cherry malted ice cream, chocolate malt ganache

Dinner club starts at 7 p.m. and the cost is $60 per person. There will be three beers featured to drink with the dinner as well at an additional charge. Make reservations by calling 513-929-0525.


by Anne Mitchell 01.11.2012
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British Treats for Watching 'Downton Abbey'

I haven’t had cable TV for the past five years. We watch DVDs and we’ve got streaming Netflix, so I’ve never missed day-to-day TV — that is, until the season two premiere of Downton Abbey! Yes, I know how big of a geek that makes me. I’ve been pining away to find out what happens next on this Masterpiece Theater British costume drama/soap opera ever since I watched Season 1 in practically one sitting on Netflix. There’s a war, you know!

Poor Bates! Sweet Anna! And would Lady Mary ever confess to her love for Matthew and/or give her sister Edith the slapping she so richly deserves?

Well, apparently I wasn’t alone. The premiere last Sunday night raked in 4.2 million American viewers, which is double the normal nightly average for PBS. It was like the nerd Super Bowl! I went out and bought an antenna for my TV so I could watch it. I felt like a crafty Dowager Countess, but without the corset.

So what British things will we eat and drink while we watch the next episode? Cuppa tea? Chocolate biscuit? I’ll tell you, I’d rather have the lamb stew that the household staff was eating last week than the Crepes Suzette from upstairs that the new maid was asking for. Posh airs, bollocks.

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by Martin Brennan 01.06.2012
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Food for Thought – Where Do Our Leftovers Go?

I occasionally work security at stadium/arena events in the area. My supervisor typically sticks me down on the bottom floor of the stadium. My  job's pretty easy - most of the time I either sign people in or sit around making sure people aren't wandering about areas they shouldn't be. It's pretty busy most of the time. Several different companies operate at these events: the security firm I work for, media people, caterers, athletes and entertainers.

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by Anne Mitchell 12.20.2011
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josh campbell

Mayberry Moving to Main

Mayberry is small but mighty tasty. Soon, it will be slightly larger — large enough to accommodate the big talent of its young owner, Josh Campbell. Cincinnati native Campbell said today that he'll be opening in the space formerly occupied by the Courtyard Cafe, 1211 Main, sometime in the New Year. Mayberry's current locale, while great for lunch, is tiny and doesn't allow for drinks at dinner.

It'll be great to see what lies ahead for Mayberry! In the meantime, stop by the current location at 915 Vine for lunch or dinner. You won't regret it!

by Anne Mitchell 12.16.2011
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Light Up Over-the-Rhine Tonight!

Benefit for Freestore FoodBank

Tonight's the Second Edition of the a new Holiday Classic benefiting the Freestore Food Bank - ‘LIGHT UP OVER-THE-RHINE’ presented by Ionic Collective and Peanut Butter & Jelly Co.

• 7:00 P.M. Volunteers can gather together to assemble luminaries at The Famous Neon’s Unplugged.
• 8:00 P.M. Teams will be coordinated to disperse the luminaries throughout the neighborhood.
• 10:00 P.M. All volunteers and guests will gather back at The Famous Neon’s Unplugged to gather for the first annual lighting of the OTR Christmas tree.

Cocktails from mixologist Molly Wellman, OTR Santa Claus, a Bright Ride 'light your bike' event and more wild holiday surprises you won't want to miss.

by Anne Mitchell 12.13.2011
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cookbook cover

Slow Food Happy Hour

Slow Food Cincinnati has a holiday happy hour party this Thursday, December 15 at the Bar at the Palm Court at the Netherland Hilton downtown. Pretty place, great food and drinks! There will be appetizer specials from the American Culinary Federation’s Chef of the Year Todd Kelly featuring Red Wattle Pork from Dean Family Farm, and the bar will also have other half-price appetizers and drink specials from 5:30 - 7 p.m.

by Anne Mitchell 11.20.2011
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Dean Family Farm Needs Support

Local Heritage Breed Farmers, the Dean family, growing their business

Dean Family Farms is seeking financing to keep growing their business. If you've been to locavore events like the Farm Fair in Covington, you've met Beth and Bill Dean. If not, there's a great story here.

The Deans' heritage Red Wattle Pigs, beloved by chefs like Todd Kelly of the Palm Court and Julie Francis at Nectar, are an endangered breed, and at this point, their farm is also endangered by lack of finances. Bill has a Kickstarter project going to help them raise money to match a federal Environmental Quality Incentives Program grant to improve their barns.

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