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by 12.03.2008
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Updating the Media Bloodbath

Here's a little more on the layoffs being announced today at The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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by 12.03.2008
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Bloodletting at The Enquirer

As expected, the ax fell quickly at The Cincinnati Enquirer this week as its parent company demands mass layoffs before year’s end.

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by 11.20.2008
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Battle of the Blogs: Game On!

We’ve long known that CityBeat’s readers are among the smartest in Greater Cincinnati. Now you can help prove they’re among the most generous, as well.

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by 11.10.2008
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All About Blogging

Well, maybe not everything, but it’s difficult to fit the various aspects of starting and maintaining an online journal in a mere 20 minutes.

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by 10.31.2008
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Back to Fall

After the Halloween costumes are put away and the pile of candy is hidden from the kiddies or that hangover finally subsides, it’s time to fall back an hour into Eastern Standard Time (EST) one last time.

The first Sunday in November at 2 a.m. is when we do the deed; this year it’s Nov. 2. In 2009 we’ll go back to Daylight Savings Time (DST) the second Sunday in March.

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by 10.30.2008
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Lose Another 86,000 Pounds

Nope, not an ad for stomach surgery; 86,000 pounds is the amount of computer equipment recycled to date via the Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District’s free computer recycling program. If you want to add your old technology to the growing weight, according to a press release, you can contribute the following:

Monitors, CPUs, hard drives, mice, keyboards, laptops, docking stations, back-up batteries, power cords, speakers, modems, external hard drives, memory chips, storage chips, cellular phones, printers, scanners and desk top fax machines.

Hamilton County residents have until Dec. 30 to take their obsolete equipment to Technology Recycling Group (5139 Kieley Place, St. Bernard, OH, 45217) for cost-free recycling.

Drops can be made 8 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays. Take proof of your address such as a current diver’s license or utility bills. The facility will be closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

For more information about the computer recycling collection program, call 513-946-7766 or visit www.hamiltoncountyrecycles.org.

by 10.28.2008
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Layoffs Coming to Enquirer

Merry Christmas. Now, get out.

A memo sent today from a top Gannett Co. executive indicates layoffs are coming at the company’s newspapers — including The Cincinnati Enquirer — by the first week in December.

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by 10.28.2008
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For the Firefighter in Your Life

Just like teachers, social workers, lawyers and other professionals in the helping services, Ohio firefighters are now required to renew their certification. The new rule was adopted in January 2008 and the deadline is coming up fast - Jan. 24, 2009.

“The Division of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) has worked hard to share information regarding the new fire law, training and education that became effective this year to ensure that every firefighter in the state has ample time to renew their licensures to continue to serve their communities,” says Richard Rucker, executive director of EMS.

One of several new rules that will “allow better training and tracking of certificate holders as well as enhance the skills of the firefighters that ultimately improve the level of care for Ohioans,” the renewal can be done online via www.ems.ohio.gov.

The Ohio Fire Alliance spearheaded the legislation [Fire Bill 401] that now requires ongoing training and certification for firefighters,” says a statement from EMS. “Previously, firefighters were certified once upon initial approval of their application.

“The Ohio Department of Public Safety, through the Division of EMS, oversees the certification of emergency medical technicians and firefighters and ensures that the professionals in these lifesaving roles are properly trained, educated and prepared for emergency situations.”

by 10.20.2008
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Make a Difference

Make a Difference Day is a “national day of helping others, a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors,” according to its originator, the national newspaper USA Today.

The annual event takes place every year on the fourth Sunday in October, and this year Public Allies, a program of the Bridges for a Just Community and the McKie Community Center (Northside), will host a “Fall Festival” that includes community service and fun on Oct. 25.

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