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by Jason Gargano 12.14.2010
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Golden Globe Nominations Another Mixed Bag

The nominees for the 68th Golden Globe awards were announced today. As usual, the nominations run from astute to completely ludicrous.

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by Jason Gargano 12.10.2010
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Friday Movie Roundup: 'The Tourist' Sucks Edition

We've got another thin week for new movie releases — unless you're excited about the latest Narnia film, which I'm not. Even the new Johnny Depp/Angelina Jolie thriller — which I was initially eager to check out despite the warning sign its studio raised by not screening it in advance for critics — is getting thoroughly trashed by those unlucky enough to have seen it. That leaves Wild Target, another film its distributor (the indie outfit Freestyle) didn't screen in advance, as the lone possible saving grace. No pressure.

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by Jason Gargano 12.09.2010
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NYTimes Presents 'Fourteen Actors Acting'

The New York Times Magazine's annual Hollywood Issue comes out Sunday. In advance of the print edition, the Times Web site yesterday unveiled an inspired take on the issue's typical photo spread that features the "actors who defined cinema in 2010." Dubbed “Fourteen Actors Acting,” the interactive multimedia supplement is a “video gallery of classic screen types” that features 14 separate shorts directed by fashion photographer Solve Sundsbo, each a minute in length with its own musical score by adventurous, classically inclined Indie artist Owen Pallet (formerly known as Final Fantasy).

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by Jason Gargano 12.07.2010
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Zuckerberg Critiques 'The Social Network'

Did anyone else see baby-faced Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg on 60 Minutes the other night? The 26-year-old multi-billionaire told interviewer Leslie Stahl that, after initially vowing that he would never see David Fincher's Facebook origin story, The Social Network, he took the entire company to check out the film the day it opened in theaters.

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by Jason Gargano 12.03.2010
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Friday Movie Roundup: Docs Dominate

After weeks of multifarious movie-house options (23 over the last month, to be exact), we have only three releases this week. Curiously, two of the three are documentaries (A Film Unfinished and The Tillman Story, a pair that reveal war to be the hellish, dehumanizing debacle it always will be), a welcome trend that has given us a number of unique options in recent weeks, including Catfish, The Elephant in the Room, 4192: The Crowning of a Hit King, Inside Job, Jackass 3D, Last Train Home, Restrepo and Waiting for Superman.

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by Jason Gargano 12.02.2010
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Local Film Conference Debuts Saturday

The first-ever Film Talk 2010, a daylong conference featuring a “series of lectures, collaborative discussions and promotional and networking opportunities for the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana film communities,” takes place this weekend.

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by Jason Gargano 12.01.2010
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Sundance 2011 Lineup Announced

The Sundance Film Festival announced its 2011 lineup today. The festival, which invades the small ski-resort town of Park City, Utah, Jan. 20-30, will include 115 films from 28 different countries. Befitting a fest known for its nurturing of fresh talent (40 of the 115 are from first-time filmmakers), the 32 films in the U.S. Dramatic and Documentary (16 in each category) include a bunch of new names as well as a few familiar faces.

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by Jason Gargano 11.29.2010
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James Franco, Anne Hathaway to Co-Host Oscars

James Franco and Anne Hathaway will be at the Oscars ceremony on Feb. 27 … as co-hosts. Announced earlier today, the Academy's latest tweak (following last year's expansion of the Best Picture category from five to 10) seems a clear effort to lure younger viewers (Franco is 32, Hathaway is 28) to a show that has been had trouble generating interest in recent years. The duo probably can't be any worse than Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, a pair who had a surprising lack of chemistry as last year's co-hosts.

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by Jason Gargano 11.24.2010
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Wednesday Movie Roundup: Severed Arm Edition

Listen up, moviegoers: Five of this week's six new releases open today, highlighted by Danny Boyle's 127 Hours, the tension-laced, surprisingly brisk-moving true story of hiker Aron Ralston (played by an inspired James Franco), whose arm was lodged between a boulder and a canyon wall for five days.

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by Jason Gargano 11.22.2010
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The Polarizing Cinema of Harmony Korine

Harmony Korine is a polarizing filmmaker. One either finds his films — Gummo (1997), Julien Donkey Boy (1999) and Mister Lonely (2007) — intriguing pieces of art or complete rubbish, the work of a jerk-off provocateur who represents the “end of cinema.”

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