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by C.A. 09.25.2009
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MPMF: Thursday’s Top 14 MidPoint List

[Further Thursday coverage: 172 photos here and multimedia show here.]

14. At the risk of getting too wordy, I’ve decided to do a list to keep myself under control. (Insert reader’s furious clapping here.) Why? Because people love lists. And I love lists. I’ve noticed that band members particularly love lists. Set lists, lists of things they need to take to the show, lists, lists, lists. So in the spirit of Rock & Roll and lists, here is my list. Wait, the list has already started. Stay with me.

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by mbreen 09.25.2009
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MPMF: MidPoint Band in Serious Van Accident

Some sad news on the MidPoint front. Chicago "Chamber Pop" band The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir were involved in a serious highway accident on the way to their MPMF show last night at the Contemporary Arts Center. The Seedy Seeds, playing to a packed room in the slot right before SYGC's, said a few words about the accident during their set (and played a little longer, to the disappointment of no one) and the news has hit the media in the Bloodshot recording artist's hometown.

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by 09.24.2009
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MidPoint Kick-Off a Go on Fountain Square

The old saying goes that everyone complains about the weather but no one ever does anything about it. Well, MidPoint is doing something about the crummy weather: They're having the music festival anyway.

Come down to Fountain Square at 5-7 p.m. for two performances by MPMF.09 acts: Shanya Zaid & the Catch from New York City (5:00), followed by The Young Republic from Nashville (6:15). Grab a beer and food and plot your MPMF itinerary for the rest of the evening.

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by mbreen 07.24.2009
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MidPoint Music Festival Details Revealed Today

Update: The complete schedule so far is posted here: http://mpmf.com/schedule

If you've been waiting to hear what this year's MidPoint Music Festival will look/feel/sound like, today you'll have the chance to find out a bunch of details. MPMF's Executive Director Dan McCabe will be on WOXY.com at 3 p.m. this afternoon to talk about new features and announce (and play music from) a lot of the bands booked — give it a listen here. And be sure to be at Fountain Square tonight for the free MidPoint Indie Summer series show with Bad Veins, You, You're Awesome, A Decade to Die For and Thing-One, as the full lineup so far is unveiled. Below are a few other fun facts about MPMF09.

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by Ric Hickey 07.20.2009
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My Time in NAMM

CityBeat Advertising Director Brian Kitzmiller and I went to Nashville for the weekend to cover this year’s Summer NAMM show. NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants and they actually host two big conventions each year. Generally, the Winter NAMM fest is a bigger event held in California, but this year’s Summer NAMM show in Nashville is no small event. The premier music industry trade show, most in the business consider participation in NAMM to be crucial to the development and sales of their wares and services.

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by Sara Beiting 06.05.2009
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MidPoint Indie Summer Series is on Fountain Square this evening (7 p.m. start) starring J.Dorsey Blues Revival, Mysts of Time and The Lions Rampant. But you already know this, man.

Immediately following, cross the crick to Newport for The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker at the Southgate House.

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by mbreen 05.29.2009
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Reminder: MidPoint Indie Summer Series Starts Today!

The MidPoint Indie Summer series — showcasing local and national Alternative and Indie bands each Friday on Fountain Square — kicks off this evening at 7 p.m. The show starts with eclectic Neo-Soul/Jazz group iolite. Indie Pop dream-team The Fairmount Girls (whose ever-shifting lineup now includes ex-Sistern mainman Steve Girton on bass) go on at 8 p.m., and fanastic singer/songwriter Peter Adams closes the night with a 9 p.m. set.

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by mbreen 04.07.2009
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Attention Musicians: MidPoint Music Fest Deadline Looms

If you're a musician interested in performing at this year's MidPoint Music Festival and you haven't submitted your materials for consideration, time is running out. Next Friday, April 17, is the "early deadline" for submissions.

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by mbreen 02.02.2009

MidPoint Music Festival Taking Submissions

It seems like only yesterday that we were running all over Downtown trying to see a bazillion bands perform for the 2008 MidPoint Music Festival. Now it’s time to start preparing for a bigger, badder, better MidPoint in 2009.

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