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by 12.04.2008
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Shopping Mania

Shop-til-you-drop is the new mantra for a lot of people, but buyer beware!

“Ken Grossman, crime prevention specialist with the Xavier University Police Department, has created a list of holiday safety tips as a means of reminding and helping members of the community remain safe during the holidays,” says a press release from Xavier.

• Don’t be overburdened with packages. Carrying several shopping bags makes you vulnerable.

(Going back to the car to drop purchases in the trunk and be a pain, but look at it as additional exercise and an insurance policy for seeing people open those gifts you picked out – don’t forget to set your car alarm.)

• Shop with others. If there are three or more people together, the chance of being targeted for crime is 90 percent less than when alone.

(The stress of finding parking and waiting in line is a lot easier to deal with when you’re able to enjoy the company of friends, not strangers, in the midst of all the hassle.)

• ATM robberies often occur after the patron has completed their transaction. Always have your head up and be aware of your surroundings when you leave an ATM.

(Only go to well-lit ATM locations, go with an ATM buddy or, better yet, use an ATM during banking hours when there security guards are standing by.)

• Avoid leaving boxes from purchases (especially TVs, VCRs, computer, etc.) out on the curb for trash pickup.

(Take advantage of community recycling drop centers – you can recycle cardboard and other materials removing tell-tale signs of expensive gifts in the house and get rid of old computers and related paraphernalia via the computer recycling program offered by Hamilton County.)

More tips can be found at the school’s Web site, too.

by 03.18.2009
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Stealing Elections and the New Ohio Economy

Ohio, like every other state, has “issues.” When it comes to the political kind we’ve had more controversial elections than most in the recent past. On the other end of the spectrum – how we’re like everyone else – the “new economy” is supposed to be here any minute and it’s all green.

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by 07.08.2011

Kearney Hosts Small Business Forum

A state lawmaker will host two sessions later this month designed to give advice to small business owners on obtaining loans to start or expand a business.

State Sen. Eric Kearney (D-9th District) is sponsoring the Small Business Credit Access Forum on July 28. The sessions will be held at the TechSolve Business Park, located at 6705 Stegner Drive in Carthage.

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by 12.09.2008
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April 15 Is Coming ... Start Planning Now!

Your friendly Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a suggestion: Do some prep now to save a headache later. In a press release, the IRS offered some helpful hints that will make it easier to do just that.

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by 05.04.2011
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Washburn's PR Tour

The newly hired top editor at The Enquirer will be making several public appearances in coming weeks in an effort to become acquainted with the community.

Carolyn K. Washburn, the newspaper's editor and vice president, will be speaking at events organized by Northern Kentucky University and the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area, among others.

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by 11.24.2010

Freestore Helps Feed Nearly 35,000

As part of its annual Thanksgiving Day preparations for the needy, the Freestore Foodbank distributed almost 400,000 pounds of food, its largest amount ever for the holiday.

During the past three days, the emergency food provider distributed 399,660 pounds of food to 12,204 households. That's enough to feed 34,980 people, according to a spokeswoman.

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by Kevin Osborne 09.10.2011
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The Archdiocese and Islam


When The Enquirer reported Thursday that Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, head of the Cincinnati Archdiocese for the Catholic Church, would participate in an interfaith 9/11 memorial on Sunday with a Muslim group, it raised a few eyebrows and prompted some emails.

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by 08.23.2010
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Brunner Defends Bilingual Ballots

Amid increasing right-wing bellowing about illegal immigrants, Ohio's top elections official is defending the practice of providing bilingual ballots.

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has released a video, “Bilingual Ballots: A Human Perspective,” that interviews people of Puerto Rican descent in Cuyahoga County.

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by 02.05.2009
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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

And the American Red Cross wants to make sure you survive the sub-zero temps and they're offering a number of helpful hints.

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by 03.20.2010
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Charter Seeks Award Nominees

If you know someone with gumption, the Charter Committee wants to hear from you. 

Charter, Cincinnati’s de facto third political party, is seeking nominees for the 15th annual Charles P. Taft Civic Gumption Award. The award commemorates Charlie Taft, a longtime Cincinnati City Council member known as “the reformer who never quit reforming.”

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