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by P.F. Wilson 07.21.2011
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Family Vacation Suggestion: Southern Indiana

The post-World War II/Baby Boomer/Generation X family vacation is probably best epitomized by the 1983 film National Lampoon’s Vacation. If you grew up in that era, you likely (at least once) piled into the “family truckster” and headed for a popular vacation spot like an amusement park, beach or national park. Your destination probably featured cheesy side attractions like alligator farms, tacky historic villages, unremarkable mini-golf courses and gift stands stuffed with authentic souvenirs, most of which were made in China. After one or two trips, the kitsch and camp were recognized by even the youngest family members, and many of the sub-attractions were mocked or became the butt of inside jokes.

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by Adam Sievering 10.08.2010
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TEDxCincy Draws 1,000 Passionate Locals

More than 1,000 slick-dressed professionals, ranging from ambitious youngsters to seasoned gurus, gathered at the Aronoff Center for the Arts yesterday for the sold-out TEDxCincy conference. TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a nonprofit set of conferences held in the spirit of ideas worth spreading. TEDx is an offshoot of TED created in 2009 to serve as a platform for self-organized local events that promote conversation and discourse amongst members of a community, who are encouraged to share their ideas to create their own TED-like experience.

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by 12.31.2008
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CityBeat Is Now on Twitter

CityBeat is now on Twitter. Subscribe to get updates on stories and events around Cincinnati. Click here to follow us. You're in for a tweet.

by Staff 04.01.2010
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Fountain Square Hosts Chili Wrestling Symposium

UFC? Boring. If we wanted to see two dudes beat the crap out of each other, we’ll take our news editor to a Tea Party rally and slap a big “I Heart Karl Marx” sticker on his back. (Again.)

WWE? We have sales staff meetings with more drama and fake blood.

Jello wrestling? OK, you’re getting closer. But some local wrastling enthusiasts are taking their love for watching people beat the holy hell out of each other and upping the ante … with a fun local twist!

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by Staff 01.14.2010
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BEST OF CINCINNATI: Accept No Substitute

Recently Metromix’s local operation announced nominations for a "Best of Cincinnati" contest. D'oh! As everyone knows, there is only one BEST OF CINCINNATI�: the wildly popular promotion run by CityBeat for the past 13 years. While we're humored by their rip-off, we've alerted Metromix to their infringement on our BEST OF CINCINNATI federal trademark and as a result they've altered their Web site and promotional materials.

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by 03.17.2009
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The Worst of the Best of Cincinnati

In the long tradition of expressing discontent by writing "Mickey Mouse" on election ballots, Best of Cincinnati voters also felt compelled use the ballot as a forum to express opinions outside of the typical selections. The CityBeat staff spent hours cleaning spam, obscenities and other shenanigans out of the online ballot.

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by 11.25.2009
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Pledge to Shop Local: Feel Good, Win Prizes

CityBeat is urging Cincinnatians to “shop local” this holiday season and support Greater Cincinnati’s economy by supporting locally owned independent businesses. Everyone who pledges to spend at least $100 of their holiday gift purchases to “shop local” will be entered into a drawing for a prize package from participating businesses.

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by 04.04.2011
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Best Of Cincinnati Winner Badges

If you or your business or organization was featured in the Best of Cincinnati issue that hit stands last week, please grab this badge to use on your website or Facebook page. Congratulations to all the winners in the issue.


by Jac Kern 12.22.2010
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To Do: Holiday Edition

The holidays are a cheerful, exciting time spent with close loved ones you don't get to see as often as you'd like.  But somewhere between the sixth repeat of A Christmas Story and your third plate of "seconds" (who's counting?), you may find yourself wanting to strangle someone. Maybe all the gifts are unwrapped and you find yourself depressed in an endless sea of crumpled paper and ribbon. Perhaps you polish off that last glass of egg nog (or, in the Kern family, Lambrusco punch) and realize that's the bottom of the barrel. Or Grandpa starts talking about how next year, Obama won't even let us have a Christmas.

Whatever the situation, it's nice to get out of the house during the holiday weekend. And this year, there are plenty of excuses to do so.

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by 12.24.2009
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Thanks for Shopping Local

CityBeat's "shop local” holiday season promotion has wrapped up, and we thank the hundreds of Cincinnatians who took the pledge to support Greater Cincinnati’s economy by supporting locally owned independent businesses. Everyone who pledged to spend at least $100 of their holiday gift purchases to "shop local" were entered into a drawing for a prize package from participating businesses, and the winners have been chosen.

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