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by Danny Cross 06.27.2011
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Looking Ahead to a 30-Year Energy War

You might be unaware that there exists a website dedicated to syndicating alternative press news stories. Maybe you don't even know what this means. Basically, this website alternet.org grabs the most left-leaning stories in all of the liberal media, offering a daily dose of how hugely screwed the world is. It can be a pretty enlightening read on a good day and a swift kick in the privates during less hopeful times. (See for yourself by joining its email list here or just keep following CityBeat's staff blog and we'll post links to the ones that scare us the most. ;)

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by Kevin Osborne 02.08.2012
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Morning News and Stuff

If you care about politics, no doubt you’ve heard by now that birth control opponent Rick Santorum scored upset victories Tuesday in the Colorado and Minnesota caucuses and Missouri’s non-binding primary. No delegates were awarded in any of the races, but the showing further undermines presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s efforts to solidify his image as Republican frontrunner.

One of the best number crunchers around, Nate Silver at the FiveThirtyEight blog, says the latest results mean Romney will have a long slog to win the party’s nomination. Given history and voter demographics, Romney should’ve easily won in Minnesota and Colorado and the fact that he didn’t should serve as a warning for him, Silver adds.

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by Kevin Osborne 01.05.2012
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Gorby Tells It Like It Is

Although he will celebrate his 81st birthday in less than two months, former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev still is an astute observer of the world’s political scene.

Unlike his political contemporaries Ronald Reagan (who is dead) and Margaret Thatcher (who is acutely ill), Gorbachev remains sharp and aware, and keeps making headlines. Ever since the U.S. financial crisis of 2007-08, Gorbachev has advocated that the United States needs a similar period of reforms, or “perestroika,” that he advanced in the Soviet Union beginning in 1986.

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