September 21st, 2009 By mbreen | Music | Posted In: Local Music, Music News

Visual Evidence: Lions Rampant & Sundresses

As we prepare for the musical tsunami that is the MidPoint Music Festival, we thought we'd take a breather and let you watch some video (kind of like that teacher you had who would show "topic-appropriate" movies to the class when he was suffering from a hangover/mental breakdown). Two MidPoint bands have brand-spankin' new music videos out: The Lions Rampant and The Sundresses.

The Lions Rampant hosted what was surely a debauched, uproarious shindig this past weekend in honor of its sassy video clip for the band's new song, "Lights On," from the as-yet-to-be-released debut full-length. The song will show you how kick-ass the new album is and the video — directed by Adam Lytle — will really make you wish you could party with the band for a night.

Cozy up to them at MidPoint (the band opens for the Heartless Bastards Friday at Grammer's) and maybe you'll get lucky.

Meanwhile, spooky Indie/Blues trio The Sundresses unveiled a clip for its track "Black Work Song" from the group's stunning Barkinghaus LP. The video was directed by the band's friend Travis Campbell, who works for the King of the B-Movies, Troma Films, in New York City. (Catch the ’Dresses at the Blue Wisp Jazz Club during MidPoint, as the band plays host to the "All Night Party" showcase Friday.)