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August 3rd, 2009 By Charlie Gibson | The Morning After | Posted In: Charlie's Corner

Charlie's Corner: There's a New Cream in Town

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This weekend was a good weekend for walking around the city. The summer weather was finally gracing us with its presence and the rain was holding off for the day. Following a long night of taking in the arts at Final Friday, I awoke with a slight headache that could only be cured with greasy food and a tall glass of lemonade. I wasn’t in the mood for the average diner breakfast like pancakes or an omelet. I wanted a smorgasbord board of grease and fat. Landlord, girlfriend and I decided to stroll down to Findlay Market and fulfill our desire to get fat and be American.

After sampling the waffles from A Taste from Belgium, and getting a fresh squeezed Arnold Palmer from Bean Haus, I stopped off at Ms. Helen’s Grill for their famous Mac and Cheese that was swimming in grease and fat, just what Dr. Stomach ordered. I was fulfilled for the moment but something sweet was on the agenda. As I was checking out the menu at Bouchard's Pastas and Baked Goods, Landlord said he was going down to the new gelato spot for something sweet. As my brain processed the thought of yummy creamy milky goodness in my stomach, I was drawn to the gelato stand like a frat dude to Cadillac Ranch Dressing. Dojo Gelato

I approached the glass container at Dojo Gelato that held about eight different flavors, with a new found sense of adventure. As my eyes read left to right, I made mental notes about the selection of flavors. Banana, “OK, makes sense.” Mango, “Tropical!” La Café “Oh I’m French!” Kentucky Bourbon Vanilla “Booze!” Ginger, “Legendary Roots Crew.” And more funny ones, but you wouldn't understand.

The next one on the list blew my mind like a MacGyver opening gambit. The Lavender Honey had an amazing taste that filled my mouth with the feeling of summer and made me forget about colony collapse disorder. With a handfull of neon sample spoons, I really didn’t think things could get any better. Like a small child with a mouth full of cavities, my wide eyes were set on the last gelato which had a unique ingredient that is usually foreign to ice creameries. On top of the white creamy glacier was two slices of fresh bacon. Going by the tag "Porkopolis," this gelato was something to be reckoned with. I went against my vegetarian ways and decided this was something I need to experience in my life. As the creamy gelato invaded my mouth I was puzzled by the lack of bacon until I hit a small crisp piece of pork that overcame the sweetness with saltiness to form a wonderful combination that exploded on my tongue. Even though the "Porkopolis" was an excellent idea, I don’t think I could down a whole cup of it and went with the Lavender Honey and was not disappointed.

On Sunday morning after a wonderful brunch at Tucker’s, me and four other friends headed back to Findlay Market to get more of the gelato. This time I went with the Kentucky Bourbon Vanilla topped with cherries. This combination fused together to create the best sensation since Lavender Honey.

Dojo Gelato just opened in the historic Findlay Market on Saturday. Ran by a very friendly husband and wife, they make the gelato at home from all organic and local ingredients. Their menu consists of everything from milkshakes to sorbet to anything you can request, with at least three days notice. Every week these two foodies are going to have different flavors to keep it fresh and keep me going back. With a solid design scheme and two friendly owners this small business is sure to stay in Findlay for a while. So while you are out strolling around picking up tomatoes and carrots from the local farmer’s market, be sure to check out Dojo Gelato located inside the west side of the market.

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