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The Tillers Meet Tom Brokaw!


The fantastic Cincinnati Folk trio The Tillers will make its television debut Wednesday at 7 p.m. on the USA network. The acoustic band (Michael Oberst, Sean Gell and Jason Soudrette) were interviewed in June by legendary news anchor Tom Brokaw for a documentary about the people and places along Route 50, the stretch of highway that runs from Maryland to California. Wednesday's Tillers-featuring airing is Brokaw's monthly update, Dispatches from the Road; all of the dispatches will be a part of a longer documentary called American Character Along Highway 50.

Oberst reports that Brokaw and his crew found them thanks to their ode to the road, "There Is A Road (Route 50)" (check it out on the band's MySpace site here). For more on Brokaw's big adventure, go here. Kudos to the band! Check 'em out Sunday at the Northside Tavern and buy 'em a round or two (or eight!).

Here's a great music video, created by local Emmy-winning director Pete Ohs, that was made for "There Is A Road (Route 50)."


(Photo of the fellas with Tom from myspace.com/thetillersthree)

07.22.2009 at 04:30 Reply
hell yeah, that's awesome!!! nice to see news anchors having good taste in music...now, if we can just somehow get brian williams to come to midpoint maybe he'll show some highlights on the nbc nightly news...


07.22.2009 at 10:11 Reply
Well, i watched and it wasn't on. Not sure what happened but I'll post when i find out.


07.22.2009 at 10:13 Reply
From Sean G. on Facebook: "Friends. I just got word, just now. that the interview is not airing til next week now. i am very sorry. they let us know last Friday that it would be airing today. and we just found out 5 minutes ago that it will not be airing til next week. they haven't kept us very well informed. once again, very sorry to anyone who took time out of their day to watch. as always we appreciate the support."