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October 16th, 2008 By | News | Posted In: 2008 Election, News

Joe the Plumber? Not So Quick


Everyone’s talking about “Joe the Plumber” today, a.k.a. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, a Toledo area worker and single father mentioned several times during Wednesday night’s presidential debate.

Republican presidential nominee John McCain used Wurzelbacher as an example of the type of person who might oppose the tax proposal by Democratic rival Barack Obama. In turn, Obama said he’d like to talk to Wurzelbacher and explain how he wouldn’t be affected by the proposal.

Further, although Wurzelbacher may describe himself as an undecided voter, records show he's been a registered Republican since 1992.

As it turns out, Wurzelbacher probably isn’t an example that one should use when trying to emphasize good citizenship and working-class values.

The Toledo Blade reports today that Wurzelbacher isn’t licensed or registered as a plumber in Lucas County, and may have done plumbing work on homes illegally.

Also, Ohio officials have filed a lien against Wurzelbacher for failing to pay $1,183 owed to the state in personal property taxes.

No wonder Joe the Plumber is irked by any talk about taxes.

— Kevin Osborne

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