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Enquirer Layoffs: Bronson Is Gone


It's true: Arch-conservative Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Peter Bronson has been laid off.

Earlier today, Bronson posted a message on his blog, Bronson Is Always Right, bidding farewell to his readers. It was posted under the headline, "Unemployment Statistics Increase -- Including Me." The item was posted at 4:54 p.m. but appears to have been later scrubbed from the Web site by newspaper management.

Here's a cached copy of Bronson's entry:

I got the bad news today.

The Enquirer is making deep and painful job cuts, and this time my name made the list, along with many other fine Enquirer employees.

I could see it coming, but it did not make it any easier. But I will leave knowing I was truly blessed to have such a great job in such a wonderful town for so long. The Enquirer has been very good to me.

So has Cincinnati. During the 17 years since I came here from Arizona, I have learned to love Cincinnati. The people I have met have been the most friendly, true and decent folks I have met anywhere.

I hope to have more to say in a longer goodbye in my print column on Friday. But these things have a way of getting around, and I did not want to be scooped on my own story.

I will miss all of you on this blog.

Well, nearly everyone. There are one or two who are probably celebrating this news, who have often said they were hoping I would lose my job. I won't miss that. But for everyone else:

It's been a fun ride. Vaya con Dios

And there you have it.

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