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Enquirer Layoffs: Part Two


UPDATE: Although CityBeat got this list from sources within The Enquirer's Elm Street offices, some bloggers now say James Jackson hasn't been laid off. With no official word forthcoming from The Enquirer or Mr. Jackson, we'll change his status to "unclear."

UPDATE II: Jackson just tweeted the following, circa 10:30 p.m. "In this economy, these are tough times for all, and I'm so sad about friends losing their jobs, equally grateful also still to have mine."

ORIGINAL ITEM: More details are emerging from shell-shocked sources at The Enquirer about today's round of layoffs.

Also receiving pink slips today are:

** Brad Cantwell, production artist

** Marianne Cafaro, CiN Weekly's Young Professionals coordinator

** Kelly Hudson, CiN Weekly copy editor

** Melissa Huelsman, project editor

** Diana Kelly-Davis, production artist

** Katie Kelley-Schmid, CiN Weekly content editor

** Michael Kurtz, magazine division editor

** Kelli Lewis, production artist

** Tabari McCoy, CiN Weekly reporter

** Penney Moore, recruitment - desktop publishing

** Kevin Necessary, illustrator

** Jamie Rockwell, art director for the magazine division

** Amber Samblanet, CiN Weekly copy editor

** David Sorcher, photographer

CityBeat has still been unable to independently verify that columnist Peter Bronson also has been laid off, although several Gannett Co.-oriented blogs are reporting this as fact.

Our condolences to everyone affected. We'll update this list as more information is available.

07.08.2009 at 09:19 Reply
Didn't know tweets counted as "sources within The Enquirer"


07.08.2009 at 09:22 Reply
Didn't know tweets counted as "sources within The Enquirer."


07.08.2009 at 09:44 Reply
"Really," I saw your post the first time. You didn't have to list it twice. The source wasn't tweets, although I am tracking those, too. Regardless, I am not going to reveal the source (or sources). Thanks for commenting.


07.08.2009 at 11:05 Reply
We've also received several other names from various sources but aren't posting them until we get some sort of independent verification. That's why we held off so long on confirming Bronson while other sites were naming him.


07.09.2009 at 04:41 Reply
Kevin, I am a former Cincinnatian living in Atlanta. I think I just found my new news and information source for Cincy on the web: citybeat.com. Growing up reading the other paper in town I am always interested in the happenings in town and at media outlets. I went looking for info on all these layoffs and found it here - thanks for the information.