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July 6th, 2009 By Ashley Thomas | The Morning After | Posted In: Fashion with Ashley

Fashion Inspiration: John Dillinger and The '30s


Last week was the grand opening of Public Enemies, Johnny Depp's portrayal of John Dillinger. Maybe it was just Depp's charming good looks or maybe it was his effortlessness at being so cool, but I was hooked on the fashion from the sunglasses down to the shoes.

There certainly has been a surge of '30s and '40s inspired fashion as of late. Round sunglasses and even rompers have been spotted everywhere. Who needs pants when you can wear a fun romper or a simple jumpsuit, right? They're both effortless, like Johnny Depp's attractiveness. . . or John Dillinger's many bank robberies. For inspiration today, lets take a moment to reflect on the past and see how it's emerging today. What comes around goes around, no?


This girl has the right idea, with the '30s-inspired shades, pencil skirt and shoes.


Staying cool with round sunglasses and a jumpsuit.

A playful mixture of blade runner with a '30s inspired romper and sunglasses.

Try your hand at a '30s-inspired romper with this adorable Premium Tulip Corset Playsuit from Topshop ($100).

Or, try this Silence & Noise Ruffle Front Jumper, available at Urban Outfitters ($68).

Or the Bird & Leaf Print Romper from Forever21 ($19.80).

In search of some protection from the sun? Check out these fun-in-the-sun-glasses for a price that won't deflate your bank account.

Urban Outfitters Skyline Sunglasses ($24).

Small Round Sunglasses at Topshop in Green/Grey ($30).

Round Sunglasses from Forever21 ($5.80).

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