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July 3rd, 2009 By | News | Posted In: 2008 Election, Republicans

Ding Dong, the Witch Is ... Gone


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is exiting stage left. Praise the lord.

In a surprise announcement today, Palin said she not only wouldn't run for reelection as governor next year, but also won't even finish her first gubernatorial term. Palin will resign her office in the next few weeks.

By not even completing her term, it's difficult to envision Palin ever moving to the national political stage and running for president in 2012. This brings to mind some of Palin's fiercest defenders during last year's presidential campaign -- including Hamilton County Republicans -- who obsessively sung her praises and said she had the mettle to be commander-in-chief, moreso than Barack Obama.

Let's see how they spin this one.

I can't help but wonder if recent revelations about e-mails she sent during last year's campaign to John McCain's advisors played a role. The e-mails clearly show Palin lied to the McCain team about her husband, Todd, and his role with the fringe-y Alaska Independence Party. She tried to cover up that the First Dude and his cronies advocated that Alaska should secede from the United States. Perhaps even more damning e-mails about her duplicity were on the way.

During today's press conference, Palin made an analogy about her decision with basketball and described herself as a point guard facing a full court press. "I'm passing the ball to help the team win," she said.

Always eager to portray herself as a victim, Palin also "pulled the trig" at this afternoon's press conference -- mentioning her disabled son, Trig, as one of the reasons influencing her decision. Shameful.

At least this should end the rumors among some fundamentalist Christians that Palin is an "annointed warrior" chosen by God to lead the nation to righteousness.

Palin hinted that her next job would be in the private sector. Who wants to place bets that she will be hosting a TV talk show within the year?

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