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June 26th, 2009 By Ashley Thomas | The Morning After | Posted In: Fashion with Ashley

Fashion Inspiration: The Uniform Project


Tired or bored with what’s in your closet? Look no further and seek advice from Sheena Matheiken and designer Eliza Starbuck. If you haven’t heard of it already, The Uniform Project is an effort that started in May 2009 for Sheena to wear one dress for one year in 365 reinvented ways. Sheena wears seven identical black cotton dresses, which were designed by Eliza Starbuck, for each day of the week. She uses vintage, handmade or donated accessories to reinvent her outfits and documents said outfits on her blog each day. Sheena also gladly accepts any donated accessories or personal designs, as well as any collaborative or conceptual ideas for the project.

As if this project wasn’t already cool enough, Sheena is using it as a fund-raiser to raise money for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement to provide uniforms and other educational expenses for slum children in India. It costs $360 to pay for one child’s education in India and so far The Uniform Project has raised $3,118!

The Uniform Project is what I bring to you today for inspiration. Especially with the state of the economy (I know we’ve heard this too many times already), this idea is encouraging to not be so excessive in what we want, need or buy. Hopefully this project encourages others to take a second look at their closets to discover what they can really do with their clothing. Maybe that dress could be worn as a shirt tucked into another skirt or pants? Or that button-up could double as a dress if you just threw a belt around the waist. You could even donate those shoes you haven’t worn in ages, but still love, to Sheena! This could also go for any other household or personal belongings.  

If you can’t donate your extra change or accessories to The Uniform Project, at least try to reinvent your wardrobe. Either way, every bit counts!





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