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BYOB: Brew Your Own Booze


Drinking is an all-American pastime, kind of like baseball (for some…), but it can result in a lot of trash or ridiculous bar tabs. Enter Mr. Beer...

Mr. Beer is a home-brewing kit sold at Target. For just under $45 and two weeks, anyone can have a case of DIY brewskies to enjoy. Refill packs run about $14-$17 and come in flavors such as St. Patrick’s Irish Stout, Classic American Light and American Devil IPA. Kits like these can be found at various retail and novelty stores, but I’ll be honest: I don’t have 50 bucks to spend on such an experiment. So instead, I searched the interwebs to see who has made their own beer or wine. I found everything from people who have tried a kit like this, to people who ferment their own wine from plants I had no idea were intoxicating!

Click here to read more about how to brew your own beer/wine.

06.22.2009 at 12:30 Reply
There are two home brew clubs in Cincinnati (that I know of). Both are mostly social, so you don't really HAVE to be a brewer to hang out, and all levels of experience are welcome. One is called the Cincinnati Malt Infusers. The other is called the Bloatarian Brewing League. They have regular meetings where people bring samples of their brewing attempts and demonstrations happen often. Friendly folks drinking home brew. You can buy home brewing supplies at Listermann's on Dana near Xavier or Paradise Brewing in Anderson Twp. Also the Party Source in Bellevue has some, but not all the stuff you need. I view drinking BETTER beer as a deal at around $1/bottle, which in this economy doesn't happen. Yeah, you can get Rolling Rock for that, but not craft beer. So, once you've bought the necessary equipment the ingredients to brew an average amount of 5 gallons (54 bottles) cost well under $1/bottle. You can also find at these shops stuff to brew wine, liquor, cheese, etc.


08.03.2009 at 08:07
Drinking BETTER beer doesn't happen in this economy?