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Wenstrup Questions Mayor's Travel, Bodyguard

This week’s issue of CityBeat features an interview with Dr. Brad Wenstrup, the physician who’s the Hamilton County Republican Party’s mayoral candidate.

Wenstrup, who turned 51 on Wednesday, is an orthopedic surgeon who lives in Columbia Tusculum and is an Iraq War veteran. This is his first run for political office.

Although Wenstrup won’t release a detailed platform of issues until July, he did challenge incumbent Mayor Mark Mallory, a Democrat, on a few issues in a wide-ranging interview with CityBeat. Those points included Mallory’s frequent out-of-town travel and his use of a police bodyguard. Mallory is completing his first four-year term and is seeking reelection in November.

Noting that Mallory is the first mayor to have a bodyguard regularly assigned to follow him on a daily basis, Wenstrup said it sends a bad signal about the city.

“As far as the bodyguard, I don’t believe we’ve ever had any council person or mayor in the past who had a bodyguard,” he said. “I would like for people to feel safe enough in our city that they don’t need a bodyguard.”

Referring to Mallory’s various jaunts, ranging from places as diverse as Las Vegas and China, Wenstrup said the trips are worthwhile if they yield a tangible benefit for Cincinnati. So far, he hasn’t seen much of one.

“I can see a need for the leader of a city to travel, to venture and create some relationships. My question is, have they been fruitful?” Wenstrup asked. “Has the expense been worth it, what came back in return? Did the trip to China land a Chinese firm setting up their business in Cincinnati? Sometimes you don’t know when you go, but over time you can tell if it’s working. Do we have more jobs?”

06.19.2009 at 07:08 Reply
Would you please ask Westrup why he calls Joe Deters his friend? Why he calls Alex Triatifilou his friend? My concern is that everybody in town is aware that Deters is assoicated with the racist, sexist, rag sheet the Whistleblower. Triantifilou is not (not that we know of), he has recently granted an interview with the host of the Whistleblower. Remembers, "We are known by the Company we keep." Why certain people-who they associate with- is news because of the position that they hold. Thank you, Citizens Against Joe Deters FBK


06.19.2009 at 07:11
Remembers (didn't mean to type remembers) and some other typos, typed fast.


06.20.2009 at 07:04 Reply
FBK also spelled Triantifilou incorrectly, too. Dr. Wenstrup raises the exact same questions that have been on taxpayers' minds ever since the shots were fired outside City Hall & 3M decided he needed a bodyguard to ease his paranoia. In addition, all these luxurious junkets have been nothing but folly. Not only hasn't 3M brought back business from China, he's returned empty handed from Russia, Germany, Las Vegas & points between. I guess he hasn't heard of video teleconferencing, working through Embassies & Consulates which are based not only in DC, but major cities as well. Dr. Wenstrup is beginning to realize the real concerns of the taxpayers & voting public & I sincerely hope he makes a genuine effort to continue this practice of outlining better ways to conduct government through the feedback he receives from the people. And, I call Deters & Triantifilou my friends, too. I don't have have a criminal past & neither does my children. I am known, respected & I keep company who are beyond reproach.


06.20.2009 at 08:00 Reply
Dr. McDreamy the foot doctor needs to come up with some actual and specific policy proposals. The guy is nothing but an empty suit.


06.21.2009 at 02:28 Reply
Capell, sorry but Mallory is the epitome of an "empty suit." Don't let your blind loyalty to the dems effect you so much.


06.22.2009 at 06:37 Reply
He really should have some specific policy proposals by now. All his friends in the GOP seem to have given him are the same old generic and tired talking points. Don't hold your breath for anything but more broken promises from our Mayor either.


06.26.2009 at 07:16
Justin I believe, trust, and hope in Dr.Dreamy - that he has the ability, the courage and endurance needed to lead this city with integrity, compassion when needed, and a good dose of strong medicine. I would count it a priviledge and honor to have this good man lead our city.