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June 11th, 2009 By Alex L. Weber | Music | Posted In: Local Music

Deep Thrusts into the Past


Attention ‘80s headbangers—and those misguided younger souls among our readership who are fascinated with ‘80s nostalgia: Thruster, Cincinnati’s “premier” metalhead ensemble from those glory days of perms on men and t-shirts with no sleeves, is getting the fancy reissue treatment for their 1987 record M.I.A.

We here in the states have traditionally relied on mega-hip European Ameri-phile music enthusiasts to dig up, legitimize, repackage and import our more esoteric and obscure cultural relics back to us, and Thruster’s release is no exception. (A likely holy grail of sorts for such Hard Rock fans and maniacal record collectors across the pond, M.I.A. was a small-time release from a Midwestern band seriously indebted to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest—definitely prime obscuro material to re-press up a couple hundred copies of and slap a boutique label on.) The album is being re-released on vinyl only by mysterious German label Fils Du Metal. As you may have expected, each imported, very-limited-edition copy will be hand-numbered (of course). All sleeves will also be signed by the band.

You might now be taking a trip down memory lane, thinking back on your younger, more poodle-headed and pizza-faced days and lonely nights you spent in the Cincinnati ‘burbs. Nights you spent curled up in a beanbag chair with eyes tightly shut while listening to Thruster through your stereo headphones with the big coiled cord on a late-night local-music show on ‘EBN and fantasizing about that hot girl in math class who you were too wimpy to talk to but knew deep down really dug your Firebird. Maybe you were a fan of the ‘Nuge or Overkill or Saxon, and you showed up at Bogart’s or Annie's for a show, and who did you see opening up but local heroes Thruster? Maybe you’re even one of the lucky few who could excavate an original copy of M.I.A. from a soggy crate in your garage or basement. (If the LP isn’t too soggy, you could likely sell that bad boy on eBay for some considerable scratch. It’s an original!)

In any case, you probably never would have dreamed that 22 years down the road people (from Germany, no less) would still be interested enough to regale international record collectors with a deluxe reissue of such parochial delights. Well, that day has arrived. Thrust accordingly.

M.I.A. is available here. Get one before they sell out. Hear Thruster in all their epic grandiosity on their MySpace site.

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