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June 5th, 2009 By Stephen Carter-Novotni | Podcasts |

CityBeat Podcast 10: Haunting the Dent Schoolhouse


While Halloween is still months away for most of us, the folks who run the Dent Schoolhouse, one of the area's most popular haunted houses, are hard at work retooling their frights for the crowds this fall.

On this episode we'll take a walk on the dark side for a behind the scenes tour of Cincinnati's Dent Schoolhouse. It's a rare, macabre treat to find out what makes it tick.

The Voices you'll hear include those of Josh Wells, Chuck Stross and Bud Stross
, who own and operate the Dent Schoolhouse. Josh led the tour. You'll occasionally hear Chuck's voice as well as that of Randy Schaedel, who publishes the Cincinnati haunted house Web site The House of Doom. Chuck enjoyed scaring us on the tour and he's the one making the random loud crashes in the recording.

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