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June 3rd, 2009 By Ashley Thomas | The Morning After | Posted In: Fashion with Ashley

Fashion Inspiration: Circular Beauty

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Looking at the artwork of a friend of mine, I started thinking about how his work related to the fashion and style around us. Clint Colburn is a Lexington based artist known for using circles of all sizes to create a larger harmony within a larger picture. This works the same within the fashion realm. Each component works in harmony with the other components, resulting in a larger piece or product. There is a beauty and a science to it, all at the same time. The following is an example of Clint’s work:


Clint Colburn: Super Vision Left

Roy Lichtenstein also used this notion of circular, harmonious beauty:


If you look close enough, it’s all around us in everyday things:




Examples of this harmony in shapes have been found within the fashion world for centuries. Most recently notable are designer Christopher Kane’s representations:



Spin these circular and scalloped shapes into your own wardrobe with the Scallop Skirt Dress from Topshop ($135), also available in pink:


Or try the Circle Organza Dress in lilac.

All different shapes surround us every day, everywhere we are, creating a sense of harmony. The question is whether or not we notice them. What shapes do you notice? How do they effect what you wear? Do you notice a balance or harmony? Any comments, thoughts and suggestions are welcome! Hope you enjoy your week and that it is filled with nothing but inspiration.  

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