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April 16th, 2009 By | News | Posted In: Government, President Obama, News

Worst President in 100 Years?


Those of us who consistently listen to left-wing, anti-American, pro-socialism media like NPR weren't surprised that the Somali pirates finally captured one of our own. International media have been reporting on the African piracy issue for close to a year.

But they did finally screw with us. People really shouldn't do that, as our Marine Corps are full of Jason Bournes. 

Three shots fired simultaneously at three separate pirates in the dark from the deck of a ship on rolling seas met their mark and freed Capt. Richard Phillips. Are you kidding me? That doesn't even happen in movies. I still miss occasionally when I pee.

The pirates have responded, joining forces with conservatives, to declare that President Obama is the worst President in 100 years. This graph proves it.


Research provided by the Somali Pirate Blog ... bringing you news straight from the swashbuckler perspective.

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