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April 14th, 2009 By mbreen | Music | Posted In: Local Music

Ex-Greenhorne/Soledad Brother Goes Solo


Brian Olive, a founding member of The Greenhornes and later a member of the Soledad Brothers (under the stage-name Oliver Henry), is releasing a self-titled solo album on June 23. The CD will be put out by Alive Records, also home to Cincy's Buffalo Killers.

The CD was recorded in Cincinnati and features a lot of local guests, including The Greenhornes' Craig Fox, original Greenhornes keysman Jared McKinney, Holly and Tori Kadish and Mike Wienel of The High and Low and drummer Dan Allaire, a former local who has since played with the Brian Jonestown Massacre and other west coast bands.

Olive plans to tour the album with a band assembled from some of the guest players.

The album's sound is described as a "multicolored affair that takes musical and lyrical cues from the British psychedelic sixties, as well as the soul-pop hit factories of Memphis, and wanders through the erstwhile streets of the Ninth Ward. "

Listen to the first track leaked from the album, "There Is Love," a tasty, narcotic slice of dreamy Psychedelia, at the top of the page.


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