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Don’t hit! SMACK!

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Violence begets violence; it certainly doesn’t have the effect of bringing about effective communication that ultimately leads people to understand and embrace positive actions. So why would Ohio schools – institutions of learning and thought – allow hitting kids as punishment?

The history of abuse and tyranny connected with physical violence ought to be enough of a motivator for lawmakers to take a stand against adult violence in the schools. But politicians are politicians so logic doesn’t always apply, that’s why the ACLU is encouraging people to call the members of the Ohio House Education Committee today, the group is voting on House Bill 26, “which would end the use of corporal punishment in all public schools.”

To view the list of committee members, visit the house Web site.

Need something to say? Here are a few points made by the ACLU.

  • Studies show the use of violence as punishment reinforces violence as a way to solve problems.
  • Corporal punishment derails trust students have in the administration and deteriorates relationships with school authorities.
  • Over 600 Ohio public school districts already ban corporal punishment.
  • Corporal punishment is already prohibited by state law in child care, foster care, and institutions for children.

After you call, please let the ACLU know by calling 216-472-2200 or e-mailing to contact@acluohio.org

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03.25.2009 at 03:51 Reply
This is such an important bill. Corporal punishment in the home is nothing more than ritualized violence against children. Corporal punishment in schools in institutionalized violence against children. Schools should be places where children can learn, especially from their mistakes. Corporal punishment terrorizes children, and reinforces the notion that authority figures should be feared. This is not only damaging to the child's spirit but is inherently anti-democratic, making it harder for people to practice the most important right in a democracy, the right to say no to those in power. Stop beating kids!