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March 14th, 2009 By Danny Cross | Sports | Posted In: Air Hockey

Live Webcam of Air Hockey World Championship

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The Air Hockey World Championship brackets have been announced in Las Vegas, and the first-round is underway as of 4:30 p.m. The USAA is streaming the matches live at airhockeyworld.com.

The 65-man bracket has Jason Cornell as the 54 seed and Jeff Huisman the 56. They will be matched up against the 11th and 9th seeds, respectively.

A live chatroom is also up and running, so get in there and support the local air hockey dudes. Cornell's opponend is a left-handed 57-year-old air hockey veteran with two national championships under his belt.

Go dudes go! Hit that puck hard!

UPDATE (5:03 P.M.): Huisman lost his first round match, 4 games to 1. According to Cornell, the referree said he was surprised that Huisman even took one game from his highly ranked opponent.Huisman will now move onto the loser's bracket. 

UPDATE (5:27 P.M.): Cornell lost his opening match, 4-0. Most of the early-round games were 4-0, as the top seeds mostly dominated the new players. Cornell says his opponent's lefty shots were tough. He got a few scores past but couldn't take any of the games. Huisman's one opening-round win is looking more impressive as the best players in the world separate themselves from the pack.

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