November 8th, 2013 By Hannah McCartney | The Morning After | Posted In: Fun, Humor, Culture, Is this for real?

The Many Twitter Faces of John Cranley

John Cranley had only a few unsullied hours of golden time on social media to celebrate his mayoral win on Wednesday before he became the subject of at least two Twitter accounts created solely to troll him, and they're worth a follow if you'd describe your sense of humor as somewhat to very immature or are still totally salty about Cran-man's victory.

So far, we know of @CranleyVille and @MayorCranley, both of which have taken to creating alternate, highly egotistical and cartoon-like depictions of our new mayor.

While whoever is behind CranleyVille clearly has more time on his or her hands (whoever it is tweeted 90 times in three days),  both provide some pretty amusing fodder for 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon.

Why social media has quickly taken to poking fun at Cranley in every way possible — or whether or not a Qualls victory would have brought something like an "Afghan Girl Qualls" to life — we'll never know. And while CityBeat holds a great deal of respect for the mayoral position and for Cranley, that doesn't mean we're not allowed to be immature and laugh a little bit.

Oh, and here's the real deal, too.
11.12.2013 at 11:05 Reply

Right. "This would never happen to Qualls, and if it did, the lefties in Cincy would be irate.." springs to mind. ...republican party endorsements aside, are people even aware Cranley's a democrat?


03.24.2014 at 01:53

Please. A lefty couldn't survive in Greater Cincinnati without a good sense of humor. If Qualls had won, then she'd have Twitter parodies-a-plenty.

John's a bit DINO-ish, but he wouldn't stand a chance in a Republican primary for many of his past actions and current stances. He's a Democrat.