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October 22nd, 2013 By Belinda Cai | News |

Brown County Dogs in Urgent Need of Homes

Dogs for adoption to be euthanized by Thursday if left at shelter

1240596_632322976799175_735843007_nAdopt this dog!
The Brown County Animal Shelter, which mostly houses strays saved from the streets, has issues with overcrowding due to limited funding. This means that many of the dogs at the shelter have uncertain futures unless adopted by area residents. There is an “urgent list” determined by seniority. Dogs that most recently came into the shelter and do not have kennels are put on the list.

The dogs on the urgent list are as follows:

Molly, a 2-year-old American bulldog mix
Licorice, a 5-year-old lab — rescue adoption pending
Hutch, a 1-2 year old hound
Hannah, a 10-month old hound
Buddy, a 3-year-old Chihuahua mix — rescue adoption pending
Rex, a 1-2 year-old lab/hound mix
Happy, a 2-year-old lab/hound mix
Gus, a 1-2 year-old black and tan hound
Baskin, a 1-year-old terrier mix

The adoption fee is only $25.

This includes spaying and neutering as well as a booster shot. There is also a $12 license fee, making it a total of $37 to adopt a dog.

To see pictures of the dogs in need of homes, please visit the Brown County Shelter’s Facebook page. Call 937-378-3457 to adopt. The shelter is located at 100 Veterans Blvd, Georgetown, Ohio.

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