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Butler County Sheriff Supports Tougher Animal Cruelty Laws

jonesrichard-001-300px Sheriff Richard K. Jones

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones announced  that he is in favor of altering Ohio’s law to make cruelty to animals a felony offense rather than a second degree misdemeanor. As it stands, animal cruelty in Ohio is punishable by 90 days in jail at most.

Jones took over the official duties of dog warden on Sept. 29, when the Butler County Dog warden’s office and the sheriff’s office joined together.

A recent case involving an emaciated and abandoned white pit bull in Middletown pushed Jones to call for tougher animal cruelty laws.

Demonstrators outside of the courtroom displayed their discontent toward the leniency of the current law. Jones agrees that the maximum of 90 days in jail is not enough of a penalty for those who abuse and neglect pets dependent on them.

The sheriff is supporting HB 274, currently under consideration. If HB 274 passes, it will make animal cruelty a fifth-degree felony to torture, injure or kill a companion animal or deprive it of water, food or shelter. Those convicted could receive six months to a year in jail, bringing Ohio’s law up to par with that of other states. A letter about the issue was sent on Tuesday to Ohio legislators, with copies to the Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association and the Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

10.22.2013 at 03:43 Reply

Kudos for trying to help to make animal cruelty a felony.  Too many people do horrific things to animals - and the corrolation with this and human abuse is so strong.  No animal should have to suffer horrible abuse and have the person walk away with no penalty . SEND YOUR OWN LETTER! This is one bill that needs to be supported !


10.22.2013 at 06:56 Reply

I commend this sheriff for initiating tougher laws to punish those crimes that involve nonhuman victims. We see time and again that the older penalties were ineffective. This should have been done decades ago. Thank you Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones


10.23.2013 at 06:49 Reply

The sad thing is, we do not need to make the law tougher and HARDER and longer to prosecute, especially while these animals sit and wait in cages for MONTHS while the owner is prosecuted. 

What we need is for Judges to step up and actually give the Maximum sentence (18 months in jail) to so of these people!  So rather than watch a Sheriff (who has not cared about this matter for the last 10 years) GRANDSTAND about changing the law, how about have your Deputies trained and ENFORCE these laws rather than rely on Just animal control.  And if you REALLY want to do something how about standing up and urge Judges to do the MAXIMUM WITH THE LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!


10.24.2013 at 01:52 Reply

about time someone stands up for the animals rights.   no animal deserves to be abused.



10.24.2013 at 02:41 Reply

Kudos to you, Sheriff Jones. You are a man among men!