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GOP: Just Say No


As if the tightly wound Jean Schmidt hadn’t embarrassed Greater Cincinnati enough with her odd remarks sparking a Saturday Night Live parody in 2005, this weekend it was John Boehner and Mitch McConnell taking their turn in the satirical spotlight.

In SNL’s opening skit, Dan Ackroyd portrayed Boehner (the congressman from West Chester) and Darrell Hammond played McConnell (the U.S. senator from Louisville) as the pair plotted the Republican Party’s misguided comeback and debated whom the GOP should take advice from, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh.

For good measure, the faux Boehner and McConnell discussed when President Obama should be impeached and how his daughters, Sasha and Malia, need to be “taken down a peg, especially the younger one.”

While defiant congressional Republicans continued to offer nothing other than tax cuts as a solution to the economic crisis, Obama’s revamped $787 billion stimulus package was approved Friday along a mostly party line vote.

If Republicans truly oppose taxpayer money being used for projects designed to pump cash into the economy and create jobs, each member who voted against the plan should stand by their convictions. Opponents should insist that none of the money be spent on projects in their own districts.

That would mean that most of Cincinnati, represented by Democrat Steve Driehaus, could get some of the money but areas represented by Schmidt, Boehner, McConnell and other Tristate lawmakers should forego it.

Let’s see how that plays with voters in 2010.

02.16.2009 at 10:53 Reply
Let's take your logic a step further. How about the taxpayer gets to vote on the stimulus bill since they and their offspring will be taxed to the hilt to pay for this bill. Think the stim will pass this vote Kevvy? If the politicians be they Dem or Rep actually represented the taxpayer the stim bill would not be needed. If the Dems listened to regulators 4 years ago when they were warned giving more mortgages to those who can't afford them may lead to a financial crisis we would not be in this so-called crisis. Maybe Kevvy the Dems wanted a financial crisis during a Rep administration so that the Dems could take over politically and nationalize more of the private sector. Kevvy let us take your logic a step further. Maybe taxpayers should be the only ones allowed to vote in elections. After all it is their money these crooks are spending. Then you could say we have taxation WITH representation for a change. The Dems wrote this bill without input from the Reps in the House Kevvy. Why should Reps sign off on something they do not believe in? There were Democrats who also refused to sign the bill Kevvy. Should funds be withheld from their districts? Kevvy, SNL and most media drink the liberal Kool-Aid. How was your beverage? The aim of this stim bill was to buy more votes for Dems. If the Dems offer more government help (govt=taxpayer) they can create more dependents and thus buy more votes. They do not have to buy the media as the latter like you are already in the tank for them. Are you on the government dole Kevvy?


02.17.2009 at 12:49 Reply
Kevvy?! The Republicans had control of EVERYTHING four years ago, Georgey.


02.17.2009 at 06:56
Correct Breeny but the Reps caved in to the minority Dems and let the financials go unregulated. Both are to blame. Greed is to blame on both sides. Most politicals give two poops for the average Amurrican and the taxpayer. But they do love them during election year. Reps or Dems both are influenced by big bucks. How solve it? Term limits. Or maybe a purge of incumbents every two election cycles. Here is what you do regardless of party if they voted for comprehensive immigration reform and the porky stim package vote for the non-incumbent. We need to shake up the entrenched SOB's.


02.17.2009 at 02:27 Reply
Who was responsible for the SEC deregulation that allowed standards of ratings to be relaxed such that high risk, bad debt mortgage backed securities were receiving AAA ratings? There's plenty of bi-partisan blame to go around here. We're in this mess because of greed, and greed is universal.


02.17.2009 at 03:11 Reply
cd4, while it's true both parties bear some responsibility, the vast majority falls on the GOP. The Bush Administration took a hands-off approach to regulating the financial markets and basically put the SEC to sleep. Blaming the poor also is a non-starter. Housing statistics reveal it was the private sector that fueled the sub-prime lending behind the economic meltdown. Private lenders issued more than 84 percent of the sub-prime mortgages in 2006, according to the Federal Reserve Board.


02.18.2009 at 09:23 Reply
I'm baaaaaaaaack. Two Tings: Ting One: Kevin aka Kevvy said Reps should turn down stim money for their districts. Well some Rep govs are actually thinking about it. They do not want Fed strings attached to the moola, which rightfully was paid by their districts' taxpayers anyhow so there should not be any strings. Better yet reduce the fed tax rates so the district will have more moola to spend the way they see fit. Makes sense doesn't it. Go figure tax people less and they will spend more money on the economy. Dems don't like dat logic, dey likes to spend other peoples money esp to buy votes. (More reason why a taxpayer should have more voting clout than non taxpayers - called taxation WITH representation - did you know that even those on social security retirement still have to pay taxes on that income they paid into all those years?) Ting Two: Some commenters here sayeth the Reps are responsible for this financial mess. Those of us who know the truth know that yes Reps were in power but the Dems were saying no to Reps in 2004. But the big Rep Bush (methinks W was a D in R clothing) wanted to be compassionate or had other motives and he did not want the Reps to be nasty to the minority. Sounds good but the Dems made the Reps feel like low lifers for wanting to regulate (yes regulate) these risky loans so as not to start a financial crisis. The Dems won and I have attached a text link from the WSJ and some videos for yall doubters to see how the Dems pooh poohed the Reps concern that Fannie Mae and its fearless misleader were doomed to fail. That fearless leader Raines was finally ousted and made $60 mill in his short tenure as FM misleader. Other big Dems at FM also made out like bandits. Oh you will also see which Dems got moola from Fannie Mae - hint one of them is now the Prez. And yall thought only Reps were scum. So check out these links or else go to a Search Engine and type in “2004 fannie mae hearing” and you will have a plethora of links to read up on the truth. To this date the mainstream media will not info us on this but they do go along with the Dem propaganda that it was Rep removal of regulation that allowed this financial catastrophe. And now the Dems are rescuing us from these wascally Wepublicans who actually warned about the impending doom. Some say Reps are not too bright - and you can definitely see the Dems are the bright, conniving ones.


03.11.2009 at 03:20
Your dead on! At least there are still people out there that pay attention and think for themselves!