February 13th, 2009 By Aileen McGrath | The Morning After | Posted In: Aileen's Party Preview

Aileen's Party Preview


Happy V-Day weekend, fellow debauchitarians! I know a bunch of you fuckers will be engaging in sickeningly warm & fuzzy dinners, couch canoodlin’ and/or deep dickin’ with your nearest & dearest, but for the rest o’ us single (we. are. not. pathetic.) folk there’s good shit going down on both Friday and Saturday nights at several o’ our fav local imbibin’ stations. Not to mention, apparently Valentine’s Day is one o’ the easiest holidays upon which to get laid, for all o’ the obvious reasons.

Tonight Northside Tavern hosts Pearlene and on Saturday the J. Dorsey Blues Band, The Sundresses and The Prohibitionists. Translation: Get sweaty and shake your fucking ass off! Mustaches strongly encouraged. No cover. To lovingly regurgitate words ripped from Pearlene’s web site: “Free your ass and your mind will follow.” Also, old friends Paper Airplane hail from Columbus to bring their melodic mind popcorn to The Comet tonight. ‘Tis good stuffesez and free as well. That is, of course, if you’re not already catching The Pretenders at the Taft tonight. Sweet! And, perfectly themed with the looming heart(break) holiday, Fists of Love and Fairmount Girls ride The Comet on Saturday night too.

If just dancing your face off is your intention (and ‘tis mine!) C&D welcomes back our favorite aural Arab, Yusef Quotah for Robot Love Music. Some o’ my cohorts have recently invented newfangled dance maneuvers involving the black and white squares on the floor. ‘Tis moderately moronic but fun to participate in and/or mock. Yupz. Also tonight, Gerald Shell & Hilly Kenkel are DJin’ at Grammer’s for the Roller Girl Golden Get-down … which upon first mention to me conjured up a barrage o’ twisted imagery involving golden showers (QUIT JUDGING ME!) but apparently actually entails 40 Rollergirls playing full contact musical chairs on rollerskates! I like the sound o’ it! Tomorrow night The G. Slut (Gypsy Hut) hosts its monthly Alchemize dance night.

Love is Pain, my friends. Drink up! I just plan to continue having unprotected texts. All o’ the embarrassment sans all the heartache. I suggest you do the same.

HIV hasn’t been linked to cell phone relations. Yet.

02.13.2009 at 05:08 Reply
While I hope to be among those participating in the deep dickin' this weekend, if that falls through this gives me a lot of other options. As a matter of fact, I may put the DD on hold and go hang out with Aileen instead. She's just that much fun.


02.13.2009 at 06:32 Reply
i would just like to throw a little credit out to the lovely Shannon Yoho who coined the term "unprotected texts"...and has hairtastic ways o' getting random strangers to want to offer you free chicken at the g. slut! --Aileen


02.13.2009 at 11:21 Reply
Aileen! Awesome column! I had no idea that you had started writing for CityBeat! One correction, though: While I appreciate the shout-out, I think that there was some kind of misunderstanding through the Cincinnati Circuit about me DJing at Grammer's tonight. I'm not! However, you can expect to see me there soon! Love, hilly. Keep up the good work!


02.14.2009 at 12:17
dooooooooooooood, when i talked to gerald earlier today he said that you were! that scoundrel! i'm going to punch him in the crotchal region next time i see him.


02.16.2009 at 10:31 Reply
Could you please re-name this column: "Where 'da party at?" Cincinnati journalism just took a step in the right direction. This is news I can use!