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Parade blocks LGBT group, parking plan awaits ruling, Boehner still against gay marriage

news_chris_seelbachCity Councilman Chris Seelbach

Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade drew a lot of criticism Friday for excluding the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, a group within K-12 schools that works to prevent bullying by striving for equality regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. Councilman Chris Seelbach led the criticisms and a boycott on the parade — an effort that gained national attention. Chris Schulte, who was on the board that organized the parade, apparently told Seelbach that the board did not want to be affiliated with gays and lesbians due to the parade’s Catholic roots, but Schulte said in a follow-up press release that the parade does not allow any political or social movement, no matter the cause.

Cincinnati’s plan to lease its parking assets to the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority remains in legal limbo, even after a court hearing on Friday. Judge Robert Winkler, who presided over the hearings, did not hand down a ruling after hearing extensive legal arguments from the city and opponents of the parking plan. Opponents argued the city charter’s definition of emergency clauses is ambiguous, and legal precedent supports siding with voters’ right to referendum when there is ambiguity. The city said legal precedent requires the city to defer to state law as long as state law is not contradicted in the city charter.

Cincinnati’s city charter does not specify whether emergency legislation is subject to referendum, but state law explicitly says emergency laws are not subject to referendum.

Despite the reversal of his friend and Republican colleague Sen. Rob Portman, House Speaker John Boehner says he doesn’t see himself ever supporting same-sex marriage. Portman gained national recognition Friday for reversing his position two years after finding out his son is gay.

Mayor Mark Mallory will announce details about the City’s Summer Youth Jobs Program tomorrow, and he’s also seeking as many employers as possible to participate in his eighth Annual Youth Job Fair. Employers can sign up for free booths at www.mayormallory.com.

Due to a policy that encourages doctors to work overtime, psychiatrists are among the state’s top paid employees. State officials say the policy saves money because overtime rates are lower than psychiatrists’ normal hourly wages. On average, the doctors end up working 80 hours a week, but state officials say there are precautions in place to ensure the highest levels of care.

The Steubenville rape case came to a close over the weekend, with two teenagers being found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl. While most people were appalled by the teenagers’ audacity on Twitter and other social media regarding the rape, CNN decided to report the story with sympathy for the convicted rapists:

A University of Cincinnati study found a cholesterol drug could prevent colorectal cancer recurrence.

Sometimes science can do gross things, like resurrecting a frog that gives birth from its mouth.

Popular Science has been covering 3-D printer plans for houses, and the latest one actually looks like a house.

03.18.2013 at 09:24 Reply

Chris Schulte is a bit contradictory, first he says LGBT Education Network can't be part of it because of the Catholic roots of the parade (which is idiotic as the spirit of the holiday itself has changed so much that it no longer really has anything to do with religion) but then says that they don't allow social and political movements to take part in the parade no matter what cause. There are two problems with this: What is Catholicism if not a social construct? By bringing into the conversation the fact that his is a "religious" based parade you have made it a social issue entirely because not everyone is Catholic and not everyone wants to be. The second thing is that by admitting that you will exclude people because you believe religion supercedes the right of people to assemble then you are politicizing. Let us just get down to brass tacks in the future, Schulte is a person who doesn't care about the rights of gay people and he wanted to exclude them through thin and specious reasoning.


03.18.2013 at 02:48 Reply

Isn't it "lying naked"?


03.18.2013 at 02:55 Reply

I've got questions about the comments on both sides, especially Seelbach's reply. Seelbach is a well known liar in this town. Notice the full story on the 5th St. bar assault never leaked out to the public??? All parade organizers issue a code of conduct well in advance of the event. I'm thinking the GLSEN people were told the day they registered for the parade that they weren't invited. They sat & stewed over it, & finally they got their dogs & ponies at City Hall. At one time, parades & many cultural festivals in this city were fun, great entertainment for families. Once the politicians infiltrated them as a cheap form of broadbased campaign advertising, prostitituting those voters who vote on name recognition, rather than substance, the events became a putrid cesspool of political bacteria. The politicians & these factions aren't out there for community goodwill.


03.19.2013 at 07:28 Reply

si leis & his silly tank were a militarized social staement in the parade for years. and what about his j edgar hoover esq relationship with his 2nd in command? they went on golf trips & social activities together all the time. ironically if these plastic paddy hibs spent time in the north of ireland they'd realize that republicanism is actually liberal & leftist and aligns itself that way. whats up with these small town folk like chris & laura comin to the big city and having so much narcisstic focus & small town ideas.  yawn chris, bfd, you're no john zeh. stand down. next thing he'll be calling himself an urban pioneer liberal. and oh laura, you may inspire toledo but you're a dolled up county girl.none of them are dynamic cosmopolitan or creative. they are narcissists. small midwest folk comin to the big city with tired 90's era ideas. and i'll never listen to a hib with the name of schulte. daz itz verbutin. not a bullet not an ounce. The Gever.