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March 14th, 2013 By Jac Kern | The Morning After | Posted In: TV/Celebrity

Beardwatch 2013

Weekly 'Survivor' recap featuring Cincy’s Matt Bischoff (and sometimes Reynold Toepfer)

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Watch this week’s episode of Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites, "Persona Non Grata" here. Warning: It's almost week two on an island for these guys and watching this episode made me really itchy. (Skip to the last minute to check out a preview of next week’s ep, "Operation Thunder Dome")

What a brain-numbingly dumb episode.

Since, last week, Reynold played his immunity idol and the majority Gota alliance voted off one of their own (Laura), the fans seem a little more evenly matched and less divided post-council.

This week’s reward challenge requires two members of each tribe to keep a net elevated by holding a rope. The rest of the survivors must then try to throw coconuts into the nets of their opponents. The heavier the nets, the more difficult it becomes to hold them off the ground. Matt and Michael take on the nets for the fans while Brandon and Phillip hold it down for the faves. The reward is a barbeque, complete with meats, veggies, bread and wine.

As the coconuts pile in, the nets become extremely heavy. Once again, Reynold excelled, not seeming to miss a single throw. Brandon was the first to let go, then Matt and Michael, giving the favorites yet another win.

Back at Gota’s camp, the search for the hidden immunity idol begins again. And because the number one rule of Survivor is that it pays to be attractive, Reynold found it again! And so “the bulge” returns. "This is how you play Survivor!" Reynold says, noting he needs to keep it more of a secret this time. But he immediately tells his homegirl, Eddie.


Over in Bikal, a dumb egotistical tiff between Brandon and Phillip ending with Brandon expressing that he hopes he doesn't lose control... So who can guess what happens later?!

The weather on the island has been pretty rough, with heavy rains continuing for two straight days. Cut to Matt’s gnarly feet: