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Did I Just See a Gay Kindle Commercial?


Last night around 9:30 I was just minding my own business, watching some harmless comedy shows on demand when a commercial came on that piqued my interest via a typically dumb interaction between a dude talking to a babe in a bikini. I was waiting for some type of cliché to end the interaction between the two — something like a beer-commercial crotch shot or the woman doing something weird like licking an ice cube — when the story took a most-surprising turn: the dude in the scene was gay. 

The woman sits down on a beach chair next to the guy, who is squinting into his iPad-looking device like a dork. She starts reading her Kindle like the sun is no big deal and he says: "That's a Kindle, right?"

Woman: "Yeah, it's the new Kindle Paperwhite."

Man: "I love to read at the beach, but..."

Woman: "This is perfect at the beach. And, with the built in light, I can read anywhere anytime."

Man: "Done."

Woman: "With your book?"

Man: Nope.

"I just bought a Kindle Paperwhite." *Leans toward her.* "We should celebrate."

Woman: "My husband's bringing me a drink right now."

Man: "So is mine."

Husbands waive from the bar.

I watched it again this morning (the email I sent myself on the subject after having several beers and talking about sports all evening only says: “Gay kindle commercial. What does that commercial mean?”), and it’s actually pretty genius. Gay-rights groups have pointed out that this type of media is following steps taken by shows like Ellen and Modern Family, which depict gay couples as pretty much ordinary anymore. 

Check it out here: 

Naturally, some people on the Internet think it’s way icky. 

And organizations like One Million Moms (a weird, conservative Christian group that should be named something more like “One Million Mean Moms.” Ha.) took exception to it. OMMMs wrote this: “We have Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite commercial that promotes gay marriage. Instead of Amazon remaining neutral in the culture war while showcasing how their product has no glare even at the beach, they chose to promote sin.”

People flagged the ad as inappropriate enough times on YouTube that it was briefly taken down for review, but it was posted back on the site later. 

03.01.2013 at 10:45 Reply

My main thought when I see commercials like this is, "You know what else would help you read at the beach? A book. Made out of paper." I mean, THIS IS THE MOST UPSETTING PART OF THE COMMERCIAL. Where are the concerned organizations? Where is One Million Librarians/Bookstore Clerks when these things are happening?! I don't even.


05.13.2013 at 01:19

I think that the new trend is that we want to be green and save trees, not that i hate books they make great collectibles especially the rare ones and make me look smart in my library.


03.02.2013 at 11:21 Reply

i'm all for commercials like that....... everyone has a right ......... everyone should feel good......... ignorant people need to have there own island






03.03.2013 at 12:15

Yes, she is a fag lover. SO am I. You know why? Because they are far nicer than people like you Eddie.


03.06.2013 at 10:36

People do have rights!

I have the RIGHT not to be subjected to this!

Keep it at home!


03.07.2013 at 09:21

Gays and lesbians need an island. They would eventually die off and not reproduce because they are fucking gay. This shit is sickening. This subject should not even be recognized politically . If you are gay you don't get married your just gay like a dumb ass who is very confused and for some reason doesn't enjoy sex the way god designed it in the 1st place .


03.08.2013 at 10:59

What happens if the gays and lesbians use in vitro fertilization on the island and it ends up being sustainable? Then we'd have a big gay island. I don't think you thought this through, Joshua.


03.10.2013 at 10:47

"A big gay island." HA. That's the best. 


04.06.2013 at 05:05

@Willie: Um... keep what at home exactly? Mentioning your husband? Because the woman did it to, and you seem perfectly fine with that!

So, it's either okay or it isn't. Sexuality is irrelevent there. Is it okay to mention your married partner? Or isn't it?

Of course it is. You're just a bigot. Thus the lack of logic.


04.06.2013 at 05:05

@Willie: Um... keep what at home exactly? Mentioning your husband? Because the woman did it to, and you seem perfectly fine with that!

So, it's either okay or it isn't. Sexuality is irrelevent there. Is it okay to mention your married partner? Or isn't it?

Of course it is. You're just a bigot. Thus the lack of logic.


05.13.2013 at 12:49

NO don't say that! then we'll have a caucasian version of the middle east or worse Korea on an island making their own ridiculous laws and doing crazy things to good people.  OMG what if they formed their own Uganda, then there'd be two of them with twice the missionaries and twice the gay people being murdered in the streets by town folks. Take your kids to another room and search "man burned alive for being gay in Uganda" you'll see why it's a bad idea, the island thingy.  No stay here in the US crazy hate monger and die off peacefully like the rest of us want to.  Maybe the tables will turn one day, oh wait they are!?


03.02.2013 at 10:26 Reply

I'll nevr shop at Amazon or by one of thier products again. We bought 167 Fires for our campus in Novemeber. When it's time to update, we'll be supporting a company which doesn't have an social agenda other than to sell a good product.


03.06.2013 at 11:49

Are you saying Corporations do not have rights? Keep it home? if you are afraid of something learn to fight your fears. How will you move forward and maybe ahead? Every business will push their expressions. Should I tell Hallmark, "Hey you cannot push the Holidays on to me if I dont want to acknowledge  them" No, you know wy, because its free enterprise.


03.27.2013 at 02:58

Hey dumbass do you really think you should be bring God into this and talking like that.  Pretty sure he would bitch slap you for using such language.  Just saying...


05.13.2013 at 01:00

Well we can see your social agenda. What do you think it says to people, ya know if you were a small business owner, where your money goes? 

What about if you have those cute little "God loves you" or "Refinding Jesus" pamphlets next to your cash register and you were running a clothing store What message are you sending people?  

What do you think it says about you? 

What about the next time you exit a grocery store and you decide to donate to the salvation army and tell your gay friends at the bar later?

How woud you feel about purchasing foods from Chick-Fil-A? The same? Different?


03.03.2013 at 11:58 Reply

Bad enough the media has to shove this on us in the tv shows , now it's in commercials. No way would I ever buy a damn piece of shit kindle, or would I ever use amazon to purchace anything. My money won't go to support such filth.


03.06.2013 at 11:42

Good luck. Coporation will always have their agenda. And guess what, most major companies all supporrt equal rights, equal freedom, equal opportunities for every people in our country who is an american of the USA. It was the bill of rights for WE the PEOPLE! Not we who I feel like deserves freedom because I say so. Besides, if you don't like it to bad. Chick-fil-a has their stand so can Amazon not have one?


03.27.2013 at 02:57

So your saying that if just a man and woman were in the commercial you would buy their product.  Isn't that promoting heterosexual marriage.  Because that could be considered a social agenda as well.  So instead of hiding behind the fact that you're using this for the commercial not selling the product to your standards just say you are afraid of the commercial because of the two gay men in it.  Have the balls to say that much.


05.13.2013 at 01:11

@Harley Rider:

Imagine this, now i'm guessing you ride harleys. Well I ride guys that ride harleys :D and don't knock somethings till you try it, both of them.  Funny thing, new research came out showing that Homophobic men respond more to gay adult film than gay men themselves. Search psychology today for it, and I read the actual report which is very valid and peer reviewed. But let me guess you hate psychologists.

@ Moderate: 

"Not we who I feel like deserves freedom because I say so"  Can I bring you to the supreme court as "exhibit A" for the denial of basic liberties arguement?


03.03.2013 at 04:25 Reply

Poor spot. Calls attention to controversial topic rather then sell the product. 


03.16.2013 at 11:57

Yeah... commercials never call attention to anything other than their product.


Seen any good beer commercials lately?


03.27.2013 at 03:07

Agreed Liz.  Rick are there really any commercials out there that don't use something or someone to sell their product.  iTunes/iPods don't use pop or rap stars to sell their apps.  Beer doesn't use half dressed women to sell their drink.  Skittles don't use a prior disease metaphor to sell their candy.  Car commercials don't use their state mascots (meaning college or professional sports) to sell their vehicles.  I mean it is just unbelieveable that Amazon is using the same tactic to sell their product.  What has this world come too?  That's just crazy thinking.   


05.13.2013 at 01:16

@ Rick: What are you talking about?  The first thing they did was sell the product.  The last thing in that commercial was the delicious salty drinks on the beach to be;) the gay was in the middle like delicious meat in a sandwhich!