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Traffic Congestion Cost Cincinnati $947 Million

Cincinnati commuters spent an extra 37 hours on road due to traffic

trafficPhoto: Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Traffic can be awful β€” not just for drivers, but economies and the environment as well. A study released Tuesday by the Texas A&M Institute of Transportation found Cincinnati lost about $947 million in 2011 to delays on the road, coming in at No. 27 nationwide.

The Annual Urban Mobility Report also ranked Cincinnati No. 37 nationwide for extra time stuck in traffic, with the average Cincinnati commuter spending an extra 37 hours on the road in 2011.

In comparison, the average Columbus commuter spent 40 extra hours in traffic in 2011, and the typical Cleveland commuter spent 31 extra hours. For all three cities, estimates were unchanged from 2010.

Traffic jams also have a major impact on climate change. According to the report, congestion caused cars to produce an extra 56 billion pounds of carbon dioxide nationwide, with Cincinnati commuters producing 421 million pounds.

The report shows why it’s important for governments to reduce traffic congestion with transit projects like the Cincinnati streetcar. In general, public transportation leads to less congestion by taking cars off the road as people use buses, streetcars and trains instead. But some cities have taken it even further. By adopting exclusive lanes for buses and streetcars, cities like San Francisco have made public transportation more attractive, which makes people more likely to forsake their own cars in favor of public alternatives.

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27th Worst traffic in the U.S., yet 64th in population. The streetcar, in it's current iteration, will not reduce congestion. It will spur economic growth for sure, and will be a convenience for those who live in those neighborhoods (provided more places start being built for people to live), but as a congestion reducer it's absolutely putting the cart before the horse (unless you're of the school of thought that the streetcar will motivate voters and politicians to spend money on a more advanced system in the future). Improving the bus system, constructing a light rail system serving the suburbs along the major interstates, and instituting programs to alter the car culture mindset will help reduce congestion. Cincinnati is an affordable city on a moving body of water with a lot of industry. on one of the busiest interstates in the U.S. If something isn't done now, in 20 years it will look like rush hour in Los Angeles on the 405 everyday here. And the air will resemble that of Beijing :(


02.06.2013 at 07:37

Where are these traffic jams? Compared to many cities, Cincinnati has no traffic. This more propaganda to get more federal funds.

If the people were upset over traffic, they could, individually, do something about it like moving closure to work or not taking so many unneccessary trips. Part of the problem is that we have too much discretionary income and we are selfish. Let your little rug rat ride a bicycle to soccer practice.


02.06.2013 at 03:49

Why would a Texas-based university write "propaganda" so a city in Ohio can get federal funds?


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The real problem here is that the U.S. population is growing rapidly, even though most people believe the opposite is true. This fallacy is at least partially driven by the Census Bureau's portrayal of the results of the 2010 Census as confirming "a slowing of growth." I have put together some videos to show how misleading the Census Bureau was in releasing these results. You can watch them here and see if you don't agree.

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04.04.2013 at 07:22

The Texas U. did not have Ohio in mind. The propagandists are a class. Their cause is trans state.


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