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U.S. May Scour Fifth Third Records for Infomercial King’s Cash

FTC aims to collect $37.5 million fine in diet book scam

A court order issued by U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott will permit the Federal Trade Commission to enforce subpoenas that seek access to bank accounts held by Kevin Trudeau, his wife Natilya Babenko and Global Information Network.  Trudeau reportedly made more than 32,000 broadcasts for The Weight Loss Cure, a book that the government claims was snake oil salesmanship. It now contends Global Information Network, which is based on the island nation Nevis-St. Kitts, might have parked cash in accounts with Fifth Third Bancorp, which has its corporate headquarters in Cincinnati.

The FTC says it wants $37.5 million from Trudeau to compensate consumers of another diet book he authored. It was a best seller called Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You Know About.

Trudeau says he doesn’t have the money to pay the fine and court documents describe him as being hounded by the government. In Cincinnati federal court, Global Information Network, which goes by the acronym GIN, contends its assets should not be targeted by the subpoena because Trudeau “is not, and never has been, an owner, manager, officer or director of GIN.”  But the judge said the bank records were “relevant to determining whether Trudeau has used GIN to conceal his assets.”

The FTC said there is evidence showing that the offshore company has significant financial ties with Trudeau and his wife. It cited emails and money transfers, including $261,000 in checks from GIN that went into accounts controlled by Trudeau. The government said they were Fifth Third bank accounts.

Trudeau was banned from doing infomercials that made false claims in 2004. He settled charges he misrepresented a product called “Coral Calcium Supreme,” which was based on Japanese coral and could cure cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, lupus and other illnesses. The FTC called him a “prolific marketer” who specialized in health benefit infomercials. When he settled the case, Trudeau did not admit guilt. “This ban is meant to shut down an infomercial empire that has misled America n consumers for years. Other habitual false advertisers should take a lesson, mend your ways or face serious consequences.”

In her decision, Dlott said the Fifth Third accounts were needed in the government’s quest for the $37.5 million Trudeau owes for the consumer fraud fine: “The FTC has provided sufficient evidence establishing GIN’s bank account records are relevant to its investigation into Trudeau’s undisclosed assets and are sought for good cause.”

12.14.2012 at 09:05 Reply

The federal gov't has been hounding this guy and others like him for yrs...they cannot stand the fact that someone is informing consumers of other options to "chemical drugs" by alternative means...remember folks there is no money in the cure!  Good luck K.T.! 


12.23.2012 at 07:51

You're a nincompoop.


01.27.2013 at 04:25

http://gintruth.com/gnt/Blog/Blog.html  I suggest anyone that needs to know more about Kevin to visit this site.


12.17.2012 at 04:30 Reply

In your article, you stated, "The FTC says it wants $37.5 million from Trudeau to compensate consumers of another diet book he authored. It was a best seller calledNatural Cures “They” Don’t Want You Know About."  The book is actually titled "The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You To Know About".  This is the book he was sued $37 million over claims for.


12.24.2012 at 10:29 Reply

Notice how the article does not ask an obvious question, "Does the diet prescribed in the book work?"    Wouldn't that be important?  It DOES work, but the FTC doesn't care.  They have a thing against Trudeau no matter what the poor guy does.


01.02.2013 at 08:40 Reply

I read natural cures they don't want you to know about, and thanks to Kevin, I did get an ulcer cured just by taking a powder with 40 herbs and grasses in it. Also I cured chonic throat infections that I have gotten my whole life all the way up until after I read KT's book, and stopped taking anti biotics! It does work I did it myself.


02.26.2013 at 02:50 Reply

the weight loss cure was some garbage. it sounded good until the end until you were informed that fore the "cure" to work, you hace to travel to switzerland to teceive shots of human growth hormone that is illegal in the us. had that been disclosed up front no one would buy the book. also the book came with no receipt or return address/label so it was impossible to even get a refund. His other books were bullshit too. His 2012 video turned out to be worthless, not to mention all the people who never received their affiliate earnings from promoting gin because Fraudeau would arbitrarily change the rules so people were disqualified from receiving payment. This guy is a fraud.