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Everything's Closed, Including CityBeat


Not that you need our help to tell you Greater Cincinnati is shut down by the snow storm, but Hamilton County is under a Level 3 Snow Emergency, meaning you're not allowed out on the roads even if you want to be. So stay home and relax.

CityBeat World Headquarters is closed today. Most (if not all) of the recommended events on our home page are off, but please check with each venue and arts organization before deciding to venture out tonight. I know Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati Art Museum and Cincinnati Museum Center are closed.

Your hardy neighborhood bar probably will be open. Or surf the web all day in your pajamas.

01.28.2009 at 12:47 Reply
Do i still get paid? LOL, smiley face, LMAOF, SPPMIHNOM (seriously, pay me i have no money)


01.28.2009 at 02:01 Reply
IAWIMP. I always work in my pajamas.


01.28.2009 at 04:56 Reply
Gargano left me a message this morning to the likes of, "The office is closed today. I doubt you were going to come in anyway, but I thought I'd let you know." Was he talking shit or was he just concerned about my safety?


01.30.2009 at 09:49 Reply
C.A., I work in my pajamas too -- I wear them under my work clothes during the winter. Mike, I wasn't aware you were on payroll as it is. Danny, Jason is a very caring person -- he just has a difficult time showing it.


02.02.2009 at 04:08 Reply
Oh shit, I'm like that guy in Office Space. That's what, "I'll get back to you" means? Hmmm, yeah. Where's my stapler!?