November 7th, 2012 By Andy Brownfield | The Morning After | Posted In: TV/Celebrity

Don't Quit, Willie!

Bill Cunningham to seek advice on retirement because of Obama re-election


Voice of the common man, conscience of the American people, shepherd of men and 700WLW staple Bill Cunningham made an impassioned plea to his radio audience Nov. 2, saying if Mitt Romney lost the election, he would end his 30-plus year career in radio.

“For nearly 30 years I’ve been the voice of the common man and conscience of the American people. I have led you and you’ve allowed me to lead you through thick and thin, through good times and bad, through recessions, depressions, wars, feasts and famines, through hurricanes, tornadoes and more,” Cunningham said.

“If Mitt Romney does not win the election, I, Bill Cunningham, your shepherd, will quit radio on Wednesday Nov. 7. I’ll give it up. Continue my great television career and practicing law, but if my credibility means anything between you and me it means that you will listen to what I have to say.”

Now, in the morning after, a time when we ourselves have often felt that “oh God, what have I done” feeling, we at CityBeat want to make our own impassioned plea: Don’t quit, Willie.

Cincinnati needs you.

You’ve always been a source of inspiration and wisdom to budding journalists and truth-seekers at CityBeat. Were it not for your Aug. 28, 2009 interview with Cincinnati Profile, we would never have known what “my baby daddy” was. We might forget what Barack Hussein Obama’s full name is were it not for your show.

Without your faithful shepherding we’d go on believing the lie that things like assistance to the disabled and payments to workers who are injured on the job were good things!

We’re glad to hear that you are backtracking on your Nov. 2 pledge planning to go on an intervention with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Rob Portman to determine your future in radio.

As you said on your show today, “every herd of sheep needs a shepherd,” and you’ve been our shepherd for more than 30 years. Please don’t “take [your] staff, crash in [your] skull and kill [yourself].” We, the bleating masses of Cincinnati, still need you.

11.07.2012 at 02:52 Reply

Speak for yourself, I certainly don't need him for anything. He is another man with an opinion on everything especially politics. So what's new.


11.08.2012 at 07:46 Reply

I personally voted for Obama hoping this idiot would keep his word and quit.


11.08.2012 at 08:13 Reply

Please stay Willie; we need someone to make fun of, point to, laugh at.....we need amodel for our children as to what NOT to become!


11.08.2012 at 12:18 Reply

700 WLW is a station by and for aging white men and some of their wives.  I listen for news, weather and traffi


700 WLW Radio is a station for aging white men and their wives, a demographic that mirrors the Republican Party.  If they don't wake up, they (the GOP) will go the way of the Whig Party and become irrelevant.   





11.08.2012 at 02:35 Reply

You made a promise, you staked your claim. A man is only as good as his word. Bye bye Cunningham. If you backtrack on this then you are not a "man" of your word. BYE BYE.