October 30th, 2012 By Andy Brownfield | News | Posted In: 2012 Election, Barack Obama, News, President Obama, Mitt Romney, Weather

Obama Cancels Cincinnati Events to Monitor Storm Relief

Romney continues campaigning, collecting storm relief supplies and money in Dayton stop


President Barack Obama has canceled scheduled Wednesday appearances in Cincinnati and Akron to coordinate recovery efforts in the wake of super storm Sandy, the White House announced Tuesday.

Obama was scheduled to highlight his second-term agenda from economic growth and the middle class, according to a news release.

The release promised a “concrete and specific plan for the next four years.” Both Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney have been vague on details of exactly what they would do if elected next Tuesday.

Vice President Joe Biden had also canceled Tuesday appearances in Wooster and Gambier, Ohio, “due to local preparations and response efforts” for the storm.

Meanwhile Romney campaigned Tuesday morning near Dayton, where his campaign collected supplies and donation to be sent to storm-affected areas of New Jersey.

10.30.2012 at 12:39 Reply

I can't wait until Obama starts spouting how he suspended his campaign because of Sandy. Thanks Mr President for pretending to do your pretend job so that all the blue people can pretend that you're not just a pretend politician.


10.30.2012 at 05:27

That is such an asinine statement. Thanks Mr. Commenter for pretending to know what you're talking about so that all the other trolls can pretend your facade is not just a pathetic display of ignorance.