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In-person early voting is underway in Ohio. Find your nearest polling booth here.

Issue 2 is getting outraised quite badly. Protect Your Vote Ohio, the group opposing Issue 2, has raised $6.9 million, while Voters First Ohio, the group supporting Issue 2, has raised $3.6 million since July. If Issue 2 is approved by voters, it will put an independent citizens commission in charge of the redistricting process. Currently, the process is handled by elected officials, who have used the process in politically advantageous ways. Republicans redrew the First Congressional District, Cincinnati's district, to include Warren County. The move put more emphasis on rural and suburban voters, which tend to side with Republicans, and less on urbanites, which tend to side with Democrats.

Not only will Ohio play a pivotal role in the presidential election, but RealClearPolitics, a website that aggregates polling, says Hamilton County is among two Ohio counties that will play the biggest role. In light of that, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be in town this week. Obama will visit Oct. 31, and Romney will be here Nov. 2. Currently, Obama leads in Ohio by 2.1 points, while Romney leads nationally by 0.9 points.

A partnership between the University of Cincinnati and U.S.

State Department is going to Iraq. For the third year, UC will be working with Salahaddin University in Iraq to help redesign the Iraqi school’s curriculum and establish a career center.

The Ohio Board of Regents and Ohio Department of Education (ODE) may merge soon, says Board of Regent Chancellor Jim Petro. The Board of Regents is already moving to ODE's building later this year. Petro said the building move will allow the Board of Regents, which focuses on higher education, to cooperate more with ODE, which focuses on elementary, middle and high school. 

The Ohio legislature could be getting a big ethics overhaul in the coming weeks. Specifics weren’t offered, but Senate President Tom Niehaus said disclosure and transparency will be priorities.

Cincinnati’s United Way beat its fundraising goal of $61 million in 2012. The goal was originally seen as “a stretch.”

The nationwide meningitis outbreak is forcing some Ohio officials to take a look at the state’s compounding pharmacies. Compounding is when pharmacists make custom preparations for patients under special circumstances. The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy has already taken action against the New England Compounding Center, whose compound was connected with starting the meningitis outbreak.

The FBI will join an investigation into fraudulent attendance data reporting in Ohio schools. Previously, state Auditor Dave Yost found five school districts were scrubbing data in his first interim report, but a second interim report cleared every other district checked so far, including Cincinnati Public Schools.

Romney is getting a bit of attention for offensive remarks about the LGBT community he made when he was governor. On gay parents, Romney said: "Some gays are actually having children born to them. ... It's not right on paper. It's not right in fact. Every child has a right to a mother and father.'' 
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The bottom line is that unemployment's down from 10% to 7.8%, Osama bin Laden's gone, new housing construction, a key sign the economy's improving, surged during September, 2012 and state and local governments are hiring at the fastest pace in four years.  Two Nobel prize winning economists, Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, agree that Romney's economic plans which consist of austerity measures such as slashing spending, will send the economy into a deep recession.  Austerity measures were implemented in Europe and now Greece, Spain, Ireland and Italy have high unemployment rates.  The Tax Policy Center estimates that Romney's tax plan will increase the deficit by $900 billion dollars more in 2015.  Romney said he wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, his NYT op-ed about allowing Detroit to go bankrupt isn't surprising because he also said he likes to fire people.  Sensata Technologies, owned by Bain Capital, is outsourcing jobs to China.  Romney earned $5 million dollars from Bain Capital profits in 2011.  He continues to profit at the expense of American workers.


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In 2010, Tea Party Republicans took over the House of Representatives by promising to create jobs.  They've been successful in doing that by passing the following bills and making the following announcements:  H. Amdt. 101, Poe-blocks EPA greenhouse gas regulations for major emitters.  H. Amdt. 143, Rooney-blocks new EPA water quality standards for FL waterways.  Congressman Joe Walsh was part of the all-male panel on birth control.  He announced that the hearing was "not about women."  Rep. Paul Ryan was asked if abortion should be legal if a woman was raped.  He replied that "the method of conception doesn't change the definition of life."  The Blunt Amendment was a Republican bill that would've allowed employers and insurance companies to deny women contraceptives by citing moral objections.  Democrats blocked this amendment.  Congressional Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act with a filibuster.